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Have you just arrived in Abu Dhabi, put on your electronic wristband at the Airport, and are wondering how you will spend your 5 or 10 quarantine days at home?

Do you think these days will be a wasted time where you'll not be able to achieve any progress when searching for a job?

Welcome Back! And Be optimistic! There is no doubt that your commitment to the current quarantine procedures reflects your commitment to society, and this commitment will bear fruit on your career path as well.

Travellers to Abu Dhabi- Quarantine Procedures
This write-up will be your guide on how to successfully and fruitfully spend your time during your home quarantine.

First of all, you've to bear in mind that staying at home isn't an obstacle that will stand between you and your next job.

Most job seekers, in regular times, usually spend too much time at home whether to search for jobs online, reach recruiters online on LinkedIn, or procrastinate their search for any other reason.

So, the hurdle is not staying home, but the genuine hurdle is "finding something to do to overcome loneliness and boredom."

Job searchers can accomplish many activities from home, but their priority is to interact with other persons.

Do these activities to utilize your time as a job seeker while putting on the electronic wristband" AKA: The watch."

Find Employees working at your target companies

As a job seeker, you must have a list of your target companies. This list includes companies that you dream of working for or companies that hire candidates with the same qualifications as you.

The best way to ensure standing out among others during the interview is to understand more about these companies' requirements, culture, and policies. No one would be better than their employees to explain that.

 So, try to find their employees (currently or previously worked there) on LinkedIn and connect with them.

Arrange online meetings with them to quickly ask them about the information you need to know to sharpen your skills and be qualified for the position at the company.

Applications like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx will play an active role in achieving your goals.

Bonus tip: You can indicate that you are in home quarantine to get supportive responses. Also, record these meetings "with the other party's consent" so that you can review them when needed and take notes.

Conduct Informational Interviews

These informational interviews will be beneficial in two cases. First, if you're looking for a job, you can hold online informational interviews with industry leaders or professionals with the same experience.

Second, if you're looking forward to making a career shift, informational interviews will be your perfect gate to the new field as you'll collect as much information as you can, and you'll be able to start the new career on the right foot.

Provide Online Consultations

Online-consultations/electronic wristband
Just as you need the expertise of others, some people need your expertise. So share your knowledge with people. Spread the word on your social media accounts and inform your connections that you're ready to guide people in your field of expertise.

Whether you're a volunteer or you'll invest in your time, there are many online consulting platforms where you can start instantly once you create your account.

Go Live On LinkedIn

Knowledge shared is knowledge gained. Don't stick to one way to share your knowledge. You can schedule a live video. Video on your favorite platform (professionally, LinkedIn is the ideal one). Post to your connections that you'll go live on day X to discuss topic Z and ask them to leave their questions to discuss while the live video.

Give them some days to interact and be ready to attend. This way will help you to not only impress people but also to impact them.

Find A Job Search Mate

Find A Job Search Mate- quarantine wristband
Try to avoid being alone while searching for a job and find one or two persons to be your job search mates.

You can exchange tips on job searching, job opportunities, or even go to look for a job from door to door together.

To avoid any headache, find someone with a different educational and professional background, e.g., if you're an engineer, go with an accountant.

Create a list of references

Create-a list-of-references-electronic-wristband
Whether or not you made that blunder of "References available on request" on your resume, you should prepare a list of references to present to employers.

Think outside the box, ask your reference for a video chat to ask if the person is okay to be included in your list. Don't just ask the question via text messages.

This will help you see if any of them have a hidden job opportunity or recommend you to a friend looking for an employee.

Schedule one-on-one meetings with career development mentors

Schedule one-on-one meetings with career development mentors
Online meetings and interviews are the new normal. So, you won't spend much effort or time scheduling a meeting with them. All you have to do is communicate with them and have a meeting via applications such as Zoom or Skype; All applications will do the trick.

These meetings will help you discover the ins and outs of your career path and help you define your weaknesses and strengths to improve and shine.

Practice Your Job Hunting Skills

Practice Your Job Hunting Skills- electronic watch
As a job seeker, you've skills like "interviewing skills," so you've to practice your skills to make sure that you'll be able to stand out over the crowd.

You can practice in front of the mirror, with a family member, or with a friend. You can also make a career plan, list your short and long-term goals, improve your office skills, and update your resume and cover letter.

Join Job Searching Online Groups

Join Job Searching Online Groups
These groups can be on Facebook, Telegram, or LinkedIn. They will help you be updated with the latest trends in the job market, job opportunities and engage with a group of people sharing the same goals as yours.

Utilize The Online Courses

You can utilize the various courses offered by top-rated platforms like Coursera, Udemy, or even LinkedIn to learn new things that can help you while getting a job. This shows to the recruiters that you're active even when you're unemployed, and you're a continuous learner.

Build Your Brand

Build Your Brand
Your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room. So, to ensure getting more opportunities, you've to build a solid digital presence. Be more active on LinkedIn and expand your connections list.

Know your target audience and share valuable content. To build a brand, you have to build engagement.

Enjoy Web Conferences

Enjoy Web Conferences
Coronavirus has an impact on all aspects of our lives, so almost all conferences are online now. All you need to do is click a link and join the club to listen to and discuss several important topics to help you be more knowledgeable.

You can also attend music concerts as a way to spend your leisure time.

Participate in Online Career Fairs

Participate in Online Career Fairs
They are an excellent source for connections, opportunities, ideas, and more. In addition, you'll know what's going on in the actual job market while being at home.

Ask for Phone/ Video Job Interviews

Ask for Phone Video Job Interviews
Many companies have been shifted to work from home after the spread of Coronavirus, so most recruiters will accept if you request conducting a phone or a video interview. It's a fascinating way to break the ice and know more about the company before attending the face-to-face interview.

Follow Up with Recruiters

If you've applied for any jobs or conducted any job interviews before leaving the country, it's the ideal time to follow up with the recruiter to know more about his feedback. This can bring your name again on his radar for a current available vacancy.

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Drjobpro.com can help you find the right job while being in the home quarantine during this Coronavirus era.

For more info on Quarantine procedures, Check the Abu Dhabi Department of Health.