Dubai Govt Employees Get A New Year Treat By Sheikh Hamdan


Dubai’s government employees have already received the treat for the coming year. Govt employees have been allowed to work outside their offices in a revolutionary decision- either fully or partially as the new Remote Working Protocols are out.  

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council, has announced the roll-out of the new protocols, which will enhance corporate agility and efficiency but will also help in retaining the talent and promote healthy working culture. Govt employees, especially women, will now be able to strike a work-life balance.

It was part of the overall vision to harness technologies and create a flexible environment for the next generation of jobs.
“Adopting remote work systems has played a major role in ensuring business continuity during the pandemic. It has offered employees the flexibility to be creative and innovative. We are entering a new phase marked by new tools and innovative approaches to government work, said Sheikh Hamdan.  

 “In the years ahead, we will be increasingly relying on the creativity of our human capital. Helping government employees make a positive impact in the workplace is a key priority for us,” he further added.  

The employees whose productivity will not be affected by working from outside will be eligible for the programmer. The performance and productivity of the employees will be regularly monitored and assessed.   

Sheikh Hamdan’s Work From Home Protocols:  

  • Director Generals of government entities to issue internal bylaws to regulate remote work procedures in accordance with their requirements. Each entity has the flexibility to implement the Protocols in accordance with the nature of work undertaken by its staff.  
  • Empowers line managers to objectively determine the eligibility of employees to work remotely based on their nature of work and other criteria.  
  • Employees in roles that can be performed from outside the office will have the option to fully work remotely, while those that need to work from the office some of the time can work remotely on a partial basis. Remote working days for employees can be decided by each department.  
  • The Protocols specify that only those employees whose productivity will not be affected by working offsite will be eligible to work remotely. The performance of employees will be regularly monitored and assessed.  
  • The decision also allows the Director General of each entity to permit employees to work remotely from abroad in case they are stranded overseas due to crisis situations.  
  • Employees eligible for remote work should adhere to all rules and regulations and will be eligible for salaries, bonuses, allowances and benefits, as per the Dubai Government’s HR Law.  
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