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Given the uncertain times we are living in, one has to always be on a lookout for a suitable opportunity. There are many top websites that provide career guidance, CV writing and other paid services.  
One such leading job search firm is drjobpro.com, besides, offering regular job search services for free, it also offers paid subscriptions for people who are looking for advanced job search services

Check out the services drjobpro.com offers in paid subscriptions. 

1- Recommendation Engine - Candidates get the job recommendations based on their skills and experience  
2- Full access to top companies' databases - Under the paid subscription, candidates get this really helpful service. Having access to the top companies database enables one to reach the maximum employers without any hassle.  

3- Video CV (Exclusive Service) - Video CVs are the latest trend in the market and drjobpro promises to help you in creating the best video CVs. 

4- Salary Calculation - If you don’t know how much raise to ask for? Then, the salary calculator will help you calculate it. 

 5- Profile performance indicator - DrJob has a sensitive algo that keeps a track of your CVs performance and helps you stand out of the crowd. 

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