Drjobs.ae is on the list of " Worldwide Top 500 job portals 2020."


In June 2020: Drjobs.ae, global job marketplace, has been awarded the " Worldwide Top 500 job portals 2020" by Global Human Capital Group (GHCG), the talent selection consultant on five continents. The award is a recognition of Drjobs.ae's significant contribution to society to connect job seekers and companies to be the most trusted and reliable job portal in the middle east countries.

GHCG has surveyed 500 job portals in 228 countries, a worldwide survey, and the results indicate that, on a global average, 41% of job offers have been reduced as a result of the Covid-19 in comparison with the same period. From the previous year. 

The survey also indicates that the vast majority of job offers published on all portals in the world are related to the areas of Technology (68%) and sales (71%).

   Commenting on winning the award, Rakan Al Nsour, Drjobs.ae CEO said, "This award from GHCG is an appreciation of not only our exerted efforts in creating a recognizable job marketplace but also our dedication towards growing as a reliable organization that is challenging the status of the job market. With such encouragement, we are even more passionate about making Drjobs.ae the dominant job portal by instantly finding job opportunities and hiring solutions."

   Drjobs.ae works with the top employers in the region to provide the best recruitment solutions that help employers and candidates to overcome the career challenges across all job industries, including PACT employment services, Agile consultants, ABCO, etc.

Drjobs.ae adapts its services to focus on three central cores: Hiring, Career Development & Support, which ensures that each employer and job seeker is provided by exceptional 360 Degree guidance through his job journey on Drjobs.ae. For over ten years, it holds the top position for being the best in the job market in GCC.

   Drjobs.ae serves about more than1.5 million active subscribers and  5 million total user to a website so far. It offers premium services for both employers and job seekers on full-time. Drjobs strategy conforms to the UAE's 2020 vision is to create more jobs with complete automation throughout the recruitment process. To make it simple, right from shortlisting to recruiting the candidate with very minimal human intervention.

About Drjobs.ae

   Drjob has been created for the needs of employers and job seekers as well. It is the leading career network that connects businesses of all size to top talented candidates

    Drjobs.ae, ranked among the best 500 job portals in the world by GHCG, it is the first reliable online marketplace that gives you legitimate job opportunities, customized hiring solutions, experts career advice and high-tech website with exclusive job search services, including (Video cv, recruiting options (full-time or freelancing). It streamlines the hiring and employment process. Anyone can instantly search for tailored job opportunities and candidates, filter, negotiate it as per his needs or capabilities, and apply for jobs or find top candidates. It is created with smart technology solutions, and over60k  companies of middle east companies and organizations have chosen to integrate themselves with the platform.

   Drjobs.ae services are available through www.drjobs.ae. Apart from job opportunities, blog.drjobs.ae publish the latest news/trends and insights into the global job market.  It's is a comprehensive job portal that professionally connects job seekers and employers. It aims to find top-talented candidates for companies with the ultimate efficiency and agility.

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