Does Music Boost Productivity at Work?


Listening to music while working: makes it more difficult to memorize and remember new information or makes people more productive? This is a question that's keeping researchers occupied lately. Staying home to avoid the Coronavirus spread, people feel more disappointed. Boredom levels are higher, so some music can boost our productivity while working from home.

Listening to music while working has its merits. However, to make the best use of it, you have to find work-friendly tracks, and these tracks will change depending on your job responsibilities.

Find music tracks that would help you tune into success frequencies. It's not about music. It's about the atmosphere.

In light of this, Drjob has conducted a poll on its LinkedIn page asking, "Do you listen to music while working?"

Respondents share different views, but the majority goes for "yes! It adds fun to work".

So, does music boost productivity?

The simple, pleasant answer for this majority .. yes, it could. Some researchers agree that listening to music at work is a kind of "multitasking" that indicates high-efficiency levels. They suggest scheduling music like you schedule your tasks and meetings. It boosts productivity and makes you happier while feeling bored at work.

On the other hand, opponents say that music can't improve productivity because we select music tracks depending on our moods, so if you're already feeling bored, you'll choose songs that boost this boredom.

The "Mozart Effect" is the best example of the first point of view as it has been related to higher levels of concentration, intelligence, and accomplishing tasks.

Moreover, studies have shown a strong relationship between classical music and learning skills because it's familiar and has no lyrics, so it's an excellent option for developing new skills.

Not only classical music that can make you more productive, but also many other genres that support productivity.

Are you eager to try listening to music while working?

Here're the top-rated tracks on YouTube; people enjoy listening to them while being at work.

Heavy, Fast Classical Music:

Ambient Music

Relaxing Video Game Music

Focus & Meditation Music

Instrumental Music
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