Dating a co-worker? How to keep it a secret


There is nothing wrong with dating a co-worker as long as it wouldn't harm your career. One of the main rules to have office romance is keeping the relationship a secret to avoid future consequences. We previously introduced you to detailed tips for dating a work colleague. Today, we illustrate one of the most vital tips: maintaining the relationship's secrecy.

1- Communicate properly

Communication is the key to a successful relationship. It is especially so important when you are dating a co-worker. It would help if you discussed all the possibilities and the conditions. Tackle the point of where the relationship is going. Make a plan and think about how things are going to be in case of breaking up. Ask these questions: "Is anybody of us going to quit their job? How are we going to deal with each other? How are we going to manage work?

2- Keep your dates away from work

Make the locations of your dates out of the company's region. It would be easy for other colleagues to spot both of you if you are meeting in the same work area. It is also essential to avoid the anxiety of someone seeing you together. If you were too worried about it, you wouldn't enjoy your date the best.

3- Always be accompanied by others

Do not let yourselves be in the same room together on your own. That would be suspicious. Always try to have other co-workers with you. Even when it comes to going out for lunch or dinner, go as a group. Give the same amount of attention to your other colleagues. If you paid more attention to your partner, that would be suspicious and hurt others' feelings.

4- Don't show affection

Try to control how you look at each other, as sometimes people in love are so obvious. If you are one of those who cannot control their reactions and looks, it's better to be more careful. Also, be aware of your body language and any slight sign of intimacy. Things like that are very easily noticeable at the office.

5- Don't share the exact schedules

There are higher chances of your relationship getting spotted when you both exist at the same time. Try as much as possible to work in different times and even other places, and avoid leaving office together at the same time. Furthermore, stay away from going on vacations at the exact timing; that would be an indirect announcement of your relationship.

6- Don't change suddenly

Try to stay the same person you were before dating them. Please do not change your attitude suddenly around them after you start dating. Keep things professional and maintain the office decorum. If you didn't share lunch before dating, don't do this now. You would be giving everybody around the chance to suspect your relationship if you didn't keep things as they were before.

If you are dating your co-worker and these tips helped you, please leave a comment with the most useful advice.

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