Covid-19 Update: Jordan Extends Curfew Hours to Prevent Virus Spread


Jordan’s decision to extend curfew hours comes after a surge in daily reported cases in the past few weeks - Where 6,649 new cases were reported in the last twenty-four hours.

The curfew hours extension is believed to contribute to reducing the immense increase of daily cases, where the number of cases has nearly tripled in comparison with previous months according to the statistics.

Precautionary measures taken will be in effect on Saturday 3th March, such as the extension of curfew hours which will limit movement of individuals after 7 pm till 7 am of the following morning, during which, all types of transportation will be halted except for restaurants delivery services that can still operate until midnight.

Furthermore, the Jordanian government adopted a few months back the strategy of a full lockdown on Fridays, with one-hour permission at noon for prayers to leave their houses and attend Friday’s prayer in their local mosque provided that it’s within a walking distance.

Whereas, the newly imposed movement restrictions imply the cancelation of the one-hour permit for individuals to leave their houses and attend prayers on Fridays.

The government has also issued a full closure of all bars and nightclubs, cafes that offer Shisha, bars within tourist restaurants, in addition to sports centers and gyms. Academic centers and schools will also be shut down once again after a brief return of students to their classes last month.

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