Covid-19 & Delayed Snowfall Team Up to Put Lebanon's Ski Industry in a Coma


Ski adventures have always been a huge and prominent highlight attraction to thousands of tourists in Lebanon­. Given the fact that Covid-19 global spread has taken its toll on the vast majority of this small Middle Eastern country's economic sectors. Delayed snowfall has come to deliver the killing blow to the ski business sector as a whole.

Lebanon offers a vast selection of ski resorts – Where it's host to six exceptional skiing locations across the country. From the North expanding to Mount Lebanon.

Furthermore, this year's one-month-long preparation and maintenance of ski facilities for the upcoming skiing season 2021 have come to halt due to the Coronavirus widespread.

One can speculate the importance of what ski season returns on the locals and the people of Lebanon from benefits and income – Ski resorts in Lebanon have provided thousands of citizens with jobs within the industry.

As reported by a leading daily, the president of the Lebanese Ski Federation added:
"The Lebanese Ski Federation has united with all Lebanese ski resorts, to take strict health measures and apply them, to take the necessary precautions, to continue working in a safe and guaranteed manner, especially since the owners of ski stations will not be able to withstand any closure for a week or two."

Multiple ski resorts have implemented different measures – To counter the current out-of-control epidemiological situation that Lebanon is facing.

As an aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak, many goers to ski resorts have refrained from doing this year's ski season.

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