Carrefour Careers: Check out What This Food Retail Giant offers


How can Carrefour careers be the right fit for you? - Whether you're a student, looking for an apprenticeship, full-time professional job seeker, or even looking to work part-time to cover the bills.

Reading this article will most likely help you in making up your mind on which kind of career path is the right one for you at Carrefour.

Can food retail giants such as Carrefour offer the right career path for people with different mindsets and interests? Let alone the qualification levels each one of us holds.

A key factor to becoming a pioneer in any industry is to strive to expand and adapt the entity’s operations and development to match the surrounding community's needs.

For example, Carrefour's hypermarket chains in the UAE are working directly with local farmers and supply chains, providing the local community with high-quality branded products at competitive prices.

This is one of the many reasons that make Carrefour careers highly sought after by professionals, part-time job seekers, and even students. They just have a place for everyone!

Carrefour is a food retail hypermarket chain that has many career opportunities to offer you, whether you're interested in jobs ranging from on-shop-floor duties to inventory supervision, product management, and logistics.

Furthermore, careers at Carrefour are not only limited to fall within the typical part-time or full-time frame. Instead, they provide a diverse recruitment program (Apprenticeships and Trainee programs) to offer all types of individuals a shot at fulfilling their different interests and dream career paths.

Initially starting in France over 60 years ago, Carrefour Group has been operating in the food retail industry ever since.

After opening a supermarket primarily focused on the French type of self-service supermarkets back in 1960. In 1963, the founders of Carrefour Group then adopted the style of self-service hypermarkets, a commonly known style of food retail in the United States.

The first Carrefour hypermarket opened its doors to the public in France with over 2500 m2 area for sales of household appliances, products, and fresh products, and over 400 parking spaces. To become the first hypermarket in France at that time.

Their distinguished presence in the food retail industry dates back to 1959. For well over 60 years, with an industry-leading vision, they have surely managed to retain their place as one of the biggest pioneers in the hypermarket business.

How Does The Carrefour Group Run Its Hypermarkets In The Middle East?

In the UAE, the Carrefour group started in 1995 and is led by Majid Al Futtaim Corporation for retail, it is the exclusive franchise for the French brand in the Middle East and the whole region.

Majid Al Futtaim Retail is majorly concerned with investing in the private label of Carrefour's local products, as Carrefour is all about meeting customers' needs at affordable prices.

To compete with other big food retailers in the UAE and the region, its operations are run by the Al Futtaim company.

Apply for a job position at Majid Al Futtaim today, one of the biggest retail companies in the UAE and the Middle East.

Aiming to provide UAE's diverse nationalities with their favorite grocery and products, given the initial high trust in the quality of french products, Carrefour is looking to expand its production line to involve local ingredients which is what its branded products comprise.

What makes Carrefour so distinct? Shall you wonder, what makes them an evergreen business? Simply put, it's their ability and willingness to explore, expand, and adapt by adding more assets to their game. Defining their growth by the local contribution from wherever they might be operating.

They also have stores and branches across the globe with over 12,500 stores worldwide.

Latest studies have shown that Carrefour’s retail stores outside France are the biggest contributors to its total generated income with 52% of generated income from stores located in Europe, Asia, and South America.

The vision that Carrefour Group has for the future is vividly seen in the way they deal with supplying local products and foods, where they aim to work closely with local farmers and supply chains to develop the economic sector in every city in which they operate.

One can identify the contribution of Carrefour as a food retail business, is to enhance people’s lives in terms of wellness and health, by the efforts made to produce branded products and at competitive prices in the market.

Thus, the vision of expanding and becoming global is highly dependent on their assets, and to achieve that, Carrefour careers are diverse and fall within a vast selection of specializations and fields.

What's more, Carrefour offers careers for people to pursue their dream job in 300+ different roles and trainee programs.

By 2019 Carrefour has had hired more than 320,000 employees around the world, with careers ranging from Full-time jobs to students internships in the following fields:

  • Development / Expansion

    (Key responsibilities include reporting to Expansion & assets department to keep real estate portfolio maintained in alignment with the company’s expansion strategy)

  • Product Management

    (This role specifies the need to be able as a product manager to negotiate, develop, and enrich your range to provide the finest products to increase its market share.)

  • Data Scientist

    (Responsible for the administration of data dictionary and data collected analysis)

  • E-commerce & Digital “MEDIA project manager”

    (Working within the e-commerce department hand in hand with the marketing team, some of your responsibilities will be to propose acquisition strategies per platform and per target audience in compliance with the set budgets)
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