Career Fair: Your Next Great Opportunity to Get a Job


Many job seekers don’t know the importance of job fairs and can’t see how many opportunities they can find these events.

Career fairs let you discover and learn about the company activities and the various job vacancies available for your qualifications, also have an advantage other than just sending your CV on random emails and don’t know if the company will get in touch with you to make an interview or not, it offers you the opportunity of being interviewed.

What's a Job or career Fair?

A job fair or a career fair is a great opportunity for job seekers from different job-levels to get a new vacancy especially the recent graduates and college students as they may have the chance for conducting an interview for a potential job vacancy or getting an internship for the college students.

If you’re an experienced candidate or have no working experience career fairs represent an opportunity for a potential job vacancy.

Career Fair: Your Next Great Opportunity to Get a Job

To be prepared for a Job Fair you should do the following:

  • Just you need to be on time because it reflects your commitment
  • Don’t forget to bring with you important documents like the CV and Identity proof
  • Customize your resume and cover letter for each position you will apply for
  • You should wear an elegant uniform
  • Introduce yourself in a professional way
Before going for a walk-in-interview, you should prepare yourself for the most common interview questions such as:

  • The most common question: Tell Me About Yourself
  • Why do you passionate about Working at This Company
  • Why Do You Want This Job? Why Should We Hire You?
  • What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?
  • The reason behind Leaving Your Current Job?
  • What Are Your Salary expectations?
  • Get to know the company, check their official website and any other social media platforms
  • Before going to an interview, you absolutely must have your notion regarding the company
  • Common interview questions. Make sure to prepare yourself well for the interview questions
  • You should wait for the results if your results are still undeclared, then Call/Mail the HR to follow up
Attending a career fair might be challenging because there will be lots of candidates competing with you to get the same job opportunity so be prepared.

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What to do during the job fair?

Visit companies you are interested in first:

Visiting your target companies should be your first priority and must be done before visiting any other company, if you are finished visiting your companies and have some time then you can visit other companies to learn about their activities.

Behave in a professional way:

  • Deal with everything professionally
  • Don’t be shy and express yourself
  • Give a copy of your resume and business card
  • Ask for recruiter’s business card  
  • Follow-up after the job fair
Practice an elevator pitch

Have a list of questions you may be asked in the job fair to be ready and give a confident impression

Prepare the below: 

  • Your qualifications
  • Skills and background
  • Working history
  • Experience related to the job you are applied for
Don’t let any potential opportunity go before you make the optimal use of it, potential opportunities always affect your career path. Now you can accelerate your career path through Dr.Job career tips.

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