Career Advice: Act Like You are (Really) the Business Owner (including infographic)


If we ask an employee "what it would be to act as the owner of the business?" we will hear answers like "I'll do what I want, drive luxury cars, and live in a luxury house." Mostly, all employees think only about the superficial comfortable life of the owner.

If we ask an employer, on the other hand, the same question, his answer will be like "I want employees who take accountability," " A committed, hardworking employee who doesn't work only for money, "One who has a deeper understanding of the business." This means that all employers are looking for a "leader," but not the average leader we all know.

To bring these two approaches close together and help in building the "ownership culture" in the workplace, I am writing this.

Banton Hayden said about employees who act like owners that they are happy, fun, energetic, easy-going, creative, ethical, honest, dedicated, open, positive, and ready to adapt to changes.

You can master your career by following many career tips, but to stand out, outperform, and have a prosperous career, you have to look for someone who has already done it before: The Owner.

Note that being like an owner doesn't mean entering the company in the morning and start giving orders and bossing employees. This is not definitely what" Acting like you own the business" implies. So, if you do it right, you'll fast-track your way up the success ladder.

Following the "Acting like a business owner" tips below means unprecedented success for you as well as your company.

1- Think Ahead to Stay Ahead

Big picture thinking is vital. Business owners always aim to be the leaders of their industries. Think about the bigger picture, take a step back and look at the big picture to figure out where your company stands, what obstacles impact the company, how to turn these obstacles into opportunities, and how to develop your goals.

Look at the business as an owner. If you are the owner, you will not only care about the small problems that you face in your role, but you will also take into consideration other obstacles like competitors, customer satisfaction, employee performance, all along with costs, benefits, and revenues.

Don't focus only on getting the job done, but understand how the business functions. With more understanding, you will be able to work beyond boundaries, maintain great alignment, and synergy.

By keeping a broad view of things, you'll be able to define the reasons behind your company's successes and failures that will help you utilize your role to bring the best results not only for you but also for your company.

Did you know? Successful business leaders tend to think more broadly than the average people by about 30-48%. It's a skill that's essential for entrepreneurs as well as employees to advance their career life.

2- Standardize Things

Systemize-things in your work
Leading business owners always look for ways to add structure, consistency, and quality to their work environment. They continuously develop standard ways to do things. You, as an employee, have to work "ON" your job instead of working "IN" your job. Look for creative ways to systemize the tasks you do; arrange checklists, flowcharts, reference material, etc. This surely will boost productivity and bring high-quality results.

Whether you are a manager, a leader, or an employee working for a small, medium, or international business, it is essential to act like an "owner" to prosper your career. Be the owner of your job, your role, and your responsibilities. Putting yourself in your business owner's shoes is not an easy task; it needs a mindset shift, especially regarding how you do your job and think about your job. Systematic thinking is critical for professional excellence.

3- Take On More Responsibility

"Men who do things without being told draw the most wages," Edwin H-Stuart. What else do you need? By taking more responsibility than the tasks assigned to you, you drove the owner's appreciation because you are not only performing your job efficiently but also you are caring for the business all in all. Always ask "Why"! Don't be the average employee who just knows "how" but be the owner who knows "why." This will give you more motivation and a better view of doing your work.

In this respect, we can find a great example from " Amazon" when Amazon employees removed bulbs from their vending machines and helped their company to save a large amount of 20,000$ on Electricity costs. Guess who observed and appreciated this? It is Jiff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon.

Try to pick any of the owner's daily basis worries, including technology solutions, costs, office policies, competitors, and work on it to solve and bring innovative solutions. This will drive his appreciation for your efforts.

4- Adopt the Entrepreneurial Spirit

No doubt, one day, you heard that sentence of " I work as much as the amount of my salary is" from a coworker. They type of employees exert their minimum effort to do their job while convincing themselves that they deserve more salary. Yet, I assure you, if you give more, you'll get more.

Owners have that "Entrepreneurial Spirit," which resulted from being fully engaged with their work. To act like an owner, you have to be always committed to utilizing your strengths to achieve more than expected. They adopt the mindset that they are not only working for pay.

"Give the world the best, and you'll get the best of the world." Your behavior forms your company's reputation, and Its reputation is your brand.

Don't forget your Customers! Customers are the backbone of any business and the main interest of the business owners. All your customers –individuals or businesses- are partners in the mission, so offering the best service means creating a walking advertisement.  

5- Spend Money Wisely and Roll Your Sleeves Whenever Needed

You've to be aware that almost all business heads' goal is to save more and spend less. If employees are honest with themselves, they will make the best use of the company money and spend carefully. O'Brien said that if everyone treated company money as if it is his money, both businesses and their employees would be better off.

So, the employee has to develop ways to do things cheaper without losing the high quality. Try to find new revenue opportunities and deals.

Business owners are all the time ready to do anything to get the job done. Don't step on your coworkers' toes all the time, but when it's necessary to do something, and there is no one to do it… Do it with a smile! Be an exemplary leader! Your desk needs to be cleaned? Do it. Your colleague needs help with his job. Help him!

6- Be Friendly and Humble With Your Coworkers

Arrogance is used by the weak, while kindness is used by the strong. Be friendly to your boss and your coworkers, establish a sociable, positive working environment where everyone helps each other, respect each other, share knowledge, and celebrate success.

You have to build trusting relationships with your coworkers and other team members and even with your managers through your expertise. These relationships will form a base of credibility and create confidence in your decisions. Deal everyone, especially cleaning and maintenance workers, with respect; everyone's work is hard. Don't be arrogant or discreet; with confidence and persuasion, you can achieve everything. Be courageous, ambitious, helpful, and open to learning new skills.

As a friendly business owner, people are your number 1 asset. Take care of your colleagues, inspire them, help them, appreciate them, develop them, create a deeper understanding of their personal and professional goals. As an owner, everyone's success means your success.

How acting as the owner of the business will help you in the future?

  • With the many successes, you will bring to your company, you'll enjoy promotions that might not be offered to others who have joined before you.
  • It will give greater motivation to achieve more goals.
  • It will boost your company's brand by maintaining confidence and stable business relationships with customers.
  • It will be your first step in starting your own business since you have developed the leader and owner skills.


To sum things up, acting as the owner of the business is a win-win situation. As an employee, it will boost your productivity, lead to outperformance, and secure all your financial dreams of having the luxury car and house. Exit your role as a salesperson, marketing specialist, engineer, or a manager and act like an entrepreneur! what will you do? What will you develop? And what will be your strategy to lead the market?

And never forget that a common trait of highly successful employees is that they act and think like business owners.

As an employer, you have to know how to make every employee act like an owner. Imagine when your employees share the same mission and vision, how leading will be your business? To ensure that, you have to reward any "hidden leader" in your company to be an example that helps you to maintain the "ownership culture" in your organization.

The result will be an organization full of self-motivated teams who focus on all their abilities to make your business successful, with the belief that they would become successful as well

How to Act like the business owner in 6 steps (Infographic)
Do you know any employees with these characteristics? Do you know any employer who supports such employees?

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