Busy Mothers Should Practice Self-Care: Find Out Why


A lot of moms forget about self-care while being busy with work and motherhood at the same time. They prioritize everything else over themselves and their well-being. Mothers mostly sacrifice their comfort and happiness for kids and family, but don’t you think it’s time for you to change your mindset?

The mere thought of taking care of everybody but yourself and romanticizing it is not healthy at all. Moms shouldn’t be devoting their souls to their families because they are humans who have needs, feelings, and dreams.

“Why is it so important to practice self-care?”

First, to boost your mood: self-care relieves a lot of stress and puts your mental health in better shape.

Second, be a happier mom and wife: if you’re not okay, your family won’t also be. Your mental state affects everybody around you.

Third, you’re not a superhero: because you don’t want to teach your kids to be dependent and irresponsible. You have to let every family member help you. Stop acting as you got it all under control.

Fourth, you deserve that: you’ve been working so hard and balancing between your career life and family. Give yourself some credit and treat her well.

Fifth, being more productive: being in an excellent mental and physical state positively affects your productivity level.

If you’re convinced enough to take care of yourself, let’s guide you on doing it by discussing a bunch of practical hacks.

1- Prioritize your health

There’s nothing like, “I don’t have time to see a doctor; I am going to be okay by the time.” Stop saying that, please. Your health comes first. As we said before, if mama isn’t okay, her family also isn’t. You’re not making any good by sacrificing your health.

We understand how overwhelmed you are, but taking care of your health will make everything easier—starting from the constant feeling of exhaustion to the negative thoughts about yourself.

You can work on your physical health by visiting a doctor and having a check-up. Ask them about the vitamins your body needs and listen to their instructions. A lot of women suffer from the constant feeling of fatigue without getting why. Sometimes it’s because of hormonal changes, and some other times it’s because of missing vitamins. Your doctor will guide you through that.

A lot of people think that mental health isn’t as essential as physical one. They may also believe that it’s a kind of luxury, but it’s not. Your mental health is also a priority. It doesn’t have to be depression or anxiety that makes you see a psychiatrist or a therapist. A lot of traits in our personalities need to change. We always need guidance on dealing with our problems and making sure if our lifestyle is suitable.

2- Get rid of guilt

“I am a bad mother because I work and I don’t pay a lot of attention to my family,” You probably think of that a lot.

You’re not alone, as a lot of mothers believe in so, even if they don’t reveal that. We are here to tell you that it’s okay not to be a perfect mom. You are exerting a lot of effort for both your family and work. The continuous feeling of guilt won’t help at all. Please try to be easy on yourself.

Mommy guilt makes many women ignore their self-care, as they believe that they don’t deserve it. Let’s think more practical; you are a person who also has rights. Please think of yourself and prioritize it. Treat it as good as you treat others.

You would also be an excellent example for your kids when they grow up watching you loving yourself and caring for it. Kids learn by observing. They would be self-loving and healthy adults when they see you practicing self-care. It would also be great if you make them participate in those practices. That would probably be a lot of fun.

3- Wake up early

wake up early
Waking up in the early morning may sound so harsh in the beginning. The idea of sleeping early and getting up before the sun rises may seem scary to many people. If you know what waking up early can change about your life, you’d stick to it, however hard the beginnings might be.

Mornings can define a lot of the rest of your day. Using the early mornings can make a lot of change for you. Waking up early improves general health and makes your immunity system stronger. You can also finish a lot of your work in the morning before the day gets crowded. It has a magical effect on the length of the day, as it makes it sound way longer.

Try to wake up before anybody else, make yourself a cup of tea, and sit on the terrace watching sunrises. That would boost your mood. Have a notebook with you and start writing your to-do-list. Planning with a clear mind makes tasks way more manageable. That morning routine would give you positive vibes for the rest of your day. If you’re one of those who get tired in the middle of the day, take a short nap. It does help a lot.

4- Schedule activities

Your tasks may sound like a burden when they are just abstract thoughts. Representing them on paper would help you a lot to figure things out. You can divide and categorize them according to importance and time. Please remember to avoid writing down too many tasks. Anyway, you’re doing that just for the sake of understanding and projecting ideas on paper, not for obliging yourself to do anything.

Self-time: you can write the activities that you want to devote to yourself. For example, taking a bath, going shopping, watching your favorite movie, going to the hair salon, going for a walk, meeting friends, or even cooking an apple pie for yourself.

Family time: Write down the activities you do with family or for family. For example, picking your kids up from school, spending quality time with them, going on a date with your spouse, visiting your parents, or studying for your kids.

Work time: You can include everything related to work, starting from your daily tasks to preparing food for the lunch break.

5- Make your family participate

father and daughter cleaning
One of the hugest mistakes many moms make doing house chores without making kids and husbands help. That lets them have the whole burden of everything carried on their shoulders. If you are doing that, it’s not doing any good for you or your family.

When you are consumed, you’re not going to be able to give love, attention, or care to anyone around you. Mothers are not created to serve the family or do house chores. Let your spouse participate. Have a civilized talk with him and discuss the whole thing.

You can also get your kids to help you by getting them used to do simple tasks like putting their dishes in the washer. By making them help in housework, you help them be more independent and committed.

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