How to Build Authentic Relationships with Recruiters?|


When it comes to "hiring," Recruiters become the "Password."

You'll not know about the hidden jobs and unlock the opportunity secrets without authentic relationships with recruiters.

Yet, when I discussed this with some job seekers, their agreed-upon answer was, "we are sending LinkedIn messages day and night with no response."

However, I always get replies from recruiters on LinkedIn, job platforms, and even on Twitter.

Know why?

In this article, I'll give you my secret sauce of building authentic relationships with recruiters to find the missing puzzle and get your job very soon.

If you want recruiters not to treat you as gullible, follow these tips for building and managing your relationships with recruiters, especially those from top companies.

Set Your Goals Well

Set Your Goals Well to build authentic relationships with recruiters
Whether you are a job seeker or not, you must present yourself as if you are offering a product for sale during your career journey, and you also sell your skills and experience to the recruiter. So, don't wait for a response after sending a completely unprofessional message that you're "frustrated with the long job searching journey," or "willing to work in any job even if it doesn't match your qualifications," or that "your visit visa will expire soon without getting a job. "

A company will not hire you because you are frustrated or the expiry date of your visa approaches. Companies only hire expertise and skills. Define the goal of your message and never get out of the context; searching for a job? Send a message with an attractive headline and professional content that conveys your skills, experience, and competency for a position in his company. Your professionalism ensures that you always get the job.

Be Specific

Be Specific
Are you ready to work anywhere? Or are you just exaggerating to show your need for the job!

Always keep the content of your messages specific and avoid vague sentences because whatever you say counts either for or against you. So, be clear about what you're looking for in your next job: industry, location, hours, and more. The more specific your goals, the higher your chances of getting jobs that match your professional and personal needs.

Name The Top 3 Persons You Know

Name The Top 3 Persons You Know to build relationships with recruiters
Did you know that some people just mentioning their names guarantees you a job sometimes!

Who are these people, and what is their role in getting you the job?

Before contacting a recruiter, you should research the company, its leaders, and its activity. This enables you to see the bigger picture to determine who you know may help. Just mentioning their name will be your "passport."

In your message, mention the names of 3 people you have worked with in a previous company, your former manager, a member of your team, or even one of your relatives whose name you think adds value to your message ... This attracts the attention of recruiters and serves as a validation to your skills and experience.

Ask Smart Questions

Ask Smart Questions to build authentic relationships with recruiters
When the recruiter contacts you to discuss a vacancy, ask questions that reflect your professionalism and interest in what is going on around you in the job market.

You can ask questions about the company's work environment, size, the skills required for the position, and reasons for choosing among the candidates for the job.

And don't forget to ask for a copy of the job description to learn more about the job and update your resume according to their requirements.

This reflects your familiarity with the job market, your interest in understanding the market trends, and your enthusiasm to learn more about the company so that you can meet its requirements.

Explain Why You Reject the Job Vacancy

Explain Why You Reject the Job Vacancy
How do you feel after sending a message to the recruiter without a response from him?

You feel frustrated and underappreciated, right?

Thus, the recruiter feels when he contacts you to discuss a job opportunity available in his company. So, if the job is not suitable for your skills and experience, tell the recruiter about the reasons for your rejection.

He may recommend you for another job or add your resume to the list of candidates for other freelance jobs that match your abilities.

Recruiters often say that about 75% of job candidates are people they have contacted earlier.

If possible, recommend someone else for the job, and you get the best of both worlds: you help someone get a job, you allow the recruiter to find the right person… Is there anything better to make a good impression and make your name among the first job candidates for a future job without asking for it!

One Message is Not Enough

One Message is Not Enough to build authentic relationship with recruiters
Maintaining constant communication keeps you on the radar of recruiters everywhere. So, contacting the recruiters for only one time is not enough to leave an imprint in their minds that you might be the perfect candidate for their upcoming jobs.

You can maintain communication in many ways, away from sending messages. You can communicate by sending follow-up messages, mentioning the recruiter in helpful posts to him as a specialist in human resources, or benefiting from his experience by asking questions in public posts to spread his knowledge while giving a professional answer ... all of these are ways to help you be the first mentioned when there is a vacancy that matches your qualifications.

Ask For Recommendations

Ask For Recommendations
We are constantly asked if we know someone else who has the qualifications for the job, and we always recommend others. And so it is with recruiters; they always recommend competencies to each other. So, if you don't get a response from the recruiter, you can ask them for recommendations from some recruiters who might be interested in finding candidates with the same skills.

This step facilitates the search process and helps you quickly find the recruiter you want to work with.

Ask for Advice on Your CV (He Will Not Write It)

Ask for Advice on Your CV (He Will Not Write It)
Suppose you are looking for someone to rewrite your resume or cover letter, who could be better than a recruiter who reads hundreds of resumes a day! They are an excellent resource for helping update and edit your resume but don't expect them to write it for you.

Ask for advice on formatting, word choice, what to omit, and what to add.

Recruitment specialists will provide professional feedback to help you win jobs as they have extensive experience in determining what the market is looking for.

Respect the Recruiter

Respect the Recruiter
Not receiving a response from the recruiter does not necessarily mean that they will ignore your messages. Many recruiters do not scroll through incoming messages due to the pressures of daily work.

So always stay professional and don't belittle, criticize or argue with anyone.

They always teach us: "Treat as you would like to be treated," and how better to show your kindness. You and the recruiter have one goal in common, and that is to fill a vacancy, so he's not an obstacle to your dream job.

Don't Let the Job Make You Forget Your Network

Don't Let the Job Make You Forget Your Network
There is no doubt that once we get the job, we all feel as if we want to erase the arduous search journey from our memory and start a new stage of success and progress. But we always have to maintain strong relationships with people because they are the keys to getting job opportunities in today's highly skilled job market. So, always stay in touch with the recruiter! He may have a suitable opportunity for a friend; he may need your skills in a part-time job or a consultation related to his field of work. Always keep the doors open!


I want to stress that maintaining strong professional relationships with recruiters will always help you stay one step closer to getting your dream job. You can go beyond this step by following these career tips to get the most out of your authentic relationships with recruiters.

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