An ex-Apple HR specialist reveals the secret to 'perfectly' answer any job interview question


Although finding the perfect answer to an interview question can be stressful, there are a few tips to help you convince recruiters during interviews.

These golden tips come from Apple Ireland's former HR specialist for Europe, the Middle East, India, and Africa, Juan Manuel Ramos. He says that he has the veiled recipe that will correctly answer any question in the job interview.

The HR director at DEKRA and former HR at Apple reveals The secret, the "STAR" technique. It stands for 'Situation, Task, Action and Result.'"

He explained, in a nutshell, you will describe the situation in general, describe what you should do in it, explain how you actually did what was required, and finally prove how this leads to successful results.

Imagine, for example, that you applied for a position relevant to advertisement or sales. If you're asked to speak about your accomplishments in your former company, you may present your answer as follows:

Situation: When I got hired, the sales revenues were meager.

Task: It was my responsibility to make them flourish.

Action: So, I adopt a new communication strategic plan.

Result: Doing so, I managed to raise sales revenue by 20%.

Moreover, the expert advises job seekers to do their homework and prepare a list of the standard and expected interview questions and their answers. This preparation will boost their confidence during the interview and help them insert information about the company and its activity, which shows how they take the interview seriously.

Candidates can find 80% of the common interview questions on Google. Even Drjob can act as an excellent reference if candidates are looking for jobs inside and outside their countries.

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