A Freelancer: 15 Ways To Get Paid On Time


If you're a freelancer, you probably met many clients who don't pay on time or even don't pay at all.

It's frustrating when you exert so much effort in finishing a project perfectly, but the payment is late.

You keep wondering why a client would do that to you, and it decreases your sense of motivation time by time.

Dr. Job Pro is here today to show you fifteen solutions for the problem of late payment.

Here are 15 creative ways to get paid on time as a freelancer.

1- Receive a deposit

Don't start work until you get a deposit first. That guarantees a considerable part of the client's commitment to the payment.

It's acceptable to ask for a deposit from the client as it provides you more security.

If the client isn't serious about the payment, they won't agree to pay a deposit. That's how you know your client better.

2- Keep the committed clients only

Some clients show more commitment than others. It's better to keep them and get rid of those who repeat late payments.

We understand that you'd like to accept all clients, no matter they pay on time or late, but think of the time you're going to save if you only keep the committed clients.

3- Use a contract

Verbal agreements are never enough when it comes to freelance jobs. A committed client won't get scared of using a contract, so you'd only attract trustworthy clients.

The contract protects you when anything goes wrong and guarantees your right in payment.

4- Build good relationships

Things are always better when there's clear communication between the freelancer and the client.

Building good relationships with clients saves so much of your effort and helps you express your opinion when something goes wrong.

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5- Invoice on time

If you don't invoice on time, you won't get paid on time.

Make sure to invoice regularly. That helps the payment be more consistent and on time.

6- Make a late payment fee

A great way to get rid of the clients who pay late is to charge them extra money for their late payment.

Set that rule from the beginning of the project so clients know about it and don't act surprised later.

7- Send reminders

It's necessary to follow up with clients and send them gentle reminders of the payment.

Make sure to save your dignity and time by not sending so many reminders.

Moreover, set reminders for yourself, so you don't forget about following up with the clients.

8- Choose easy payments methods

Make sure to use easy-to-use payment methods so your clients find it easy to pay on time.

Furthermore, don't forget to include all the payment method details at the beginning of the agreement. That will save you much hustle and misunderstanding.

9- Make a discount for early payment

You can offer clients who pay early a discount on the work they receive. That will motivate clients to pay early and will guarantee your money.

Make the discounts small amounts that won't harm your budget but attract the client simultaneously.

10- Build a good reputation

It's always good for the payment when it's known about you that you're a professional freelancer.

That only attracts committed clients who want serious work. It also encourages clients to be more professional with you and pay on time to avoid losing you as an excellent freelancer.

11- Let clients ask questions

It's necessary to open a door for good communication between you and your clients from the very beginning.

Let them ask whatever questions they want about the payment or anything else.

When clients finish all their requirements initially, that doesn't leave so much room for misunderstanding.

12- Let the client covers project expenses

It's not that wise of you to let yourself pay for the project's expenses as it leaves you broke or tight on budget.

Ensure the client of the materials you need or any project-related stuff before starting to work on it.

That will guarantee you more commitment from the client and won't affect your budget negatively.

13- Address your payment conditions in the contract

From the beginning, make it clear that you need payment on time, and if it doesn't happen, there will be inevitable consequences.

By doing this, you'll avoid addressing the clients personally in a harsh tone and lose them.

14- Ask other freelancers

If you don't know how freelancers deal with clients who pay late, asking other freelancers will help you a lot.

Every industry has its circumstances and conditions, so the freelancers in the same field know a lot about dealing with the situation.

In conclusion

Remember to stay polite and rational even with clients who pay you late as a freelancer's work depends more on reputation and clients' word about his work.

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