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Types of Managers - According to a survey by Randstad US, lack of engagement leads to many bad habits among employees: The study found that (5%) of unhappy employees drink alcohol, (15%) take naps, and (60%) browse and share comments on social media, (55%) shop online, (40%) prank their colleagues, and (11%) watch Netflix while being in the company.

Yet, before blaming these employees, we must confess that these acts result from their bad managers, who lead the employees to be disengaged and unhappy at their work.

In this respect, Gallup has been tracking employee engagement in the United States since 2000, and the results show that roughly half of the 7,200 respondents polled left a job "to get away from their manager."

So, before joining any company, you have to make sure that your boss isn't one of the following:

8 Types of Managers Working with Them Guarantees Taking to The Woods

The Ego-Centric Manager

The Ego-Centric Manager- Bad Bosses- types of managers
This manager is unconcerned about his employees and is uninterested in assisting, coaching, or developing anyone other than himself

This type of manager cares only about his development. The company goals, the team development, and the business mission come at the bottom of his concerns.

These managers always look for everything related to their interests, such as incentives, promotions, and annual bonuses. And as they always strive to get all the advantages, they think only about themselves.

The Plagiarizer Manager

The Plagiarizer Manager- Bad bosses-types of managers
This manager takes credit for the work or ideas of others and claims them as his own (especially to his boss).

When his team does their tasks, meets deadlines, and achieves successes, he takes all the "credit" for himself as if there's no one else exerted an effort.

This type of manager ignores sharing praise and encouragement with his team members, not even acknowledging that these accomplishments came from their efforts. Of course, this leads to high levels of frustration and low productivity within the organization.

Mr. Know-it-all Manager

Mr. Know-it-all Manager- Bad bosses
Have you ever worked with a manager who sees that all his decisions are right even if they're wrong?

This manager is always arrogant, brags at every chance, and is always looking for ways to boost his or her ego.

This type of manager finds it challenging to take responsibility for mistakes. It is difficult to admit that he is wrong; he only cares about his reputation and saves himself.

The Incapable Manager

The Incapable Manager- Bad Bosses
This type of manager is usually get promoted by mistake. He has no idea how to handle his or her job and has lost respect from his team members and coworkers.

Managers of this type will tell you a plan or decision on Sunday, and that decision constantly changes a few days later. This type of manager does not have good communication skills, so his team is always feels lost. They always make more effort to understand what they should be doing.

The Micromanager

The Micromanager- Bad Bosses
This manager often looks at every detail; the small before the big is overly controlling and makes all the decisions; other than that, he doesn't trust his team or give them that feeling. In such cases, there is no room for collective discussion or participation.

This manager becomes a tyrant; this climate creates a state of lack of learning and creativity, and all employees can do with this type of manager is to obey his orders without discussion.

The Bully Manager

The Bully Manager- bad bosses
The effects of corporate bullying are significant. A behavioral scientist and writer named Bird Brightman says that bullying, whether verbal or physical in the workplace, leaves a person depressed and makes them stand up for themselves, become more offensive, or flee.

He also says companies only take legal action against bullies at a rate of 1%. Undoubtedly, the primary option for a person being bullied is to leave, especially if the boss is the bully, making it difficult to take action against them.

The Bad Communicator Manager

The Bad Communicator Manager- Bad bosses
This type of manager is always away. He is always locking his office door and prefers not to communicate with anyone in the workplace.

He is always swamped, and it is difficult for anyone to deal with him.

He often resorts to meetings to escape from his fears and from facing people, and he only cares for good news as he can't deal with problems or conflicts, so if there is any problem, he asks the employee to seek advice from anyone else.

Moreover, he cannot successfully communicate anything, whether corporate or individual performance feedback.

The Narcissist Manager

The Narcissist Manager- Bad bosses
These managers are more concerned with self-promotion than with the well-being of their employees. They just want to hear how fantastic they are and rarely ask for input on their performance since they don't feel they are the issue. When something goes wrong, they don't take on any responsibility and point the finger at others.

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