8 Tips to publish your video CV on Drjobs


The job market has changed in recent times and moreover Covid-19 pandemic has taken the virtual hiring to the next level. With the virus here to stay, video CVs are going to make or break your image in the industry in future. 
If you are not pro at creating video CVs, here are some amazing tips that will help you slay the virtual interview.  

  1. Plan what you want to say - Creating a script in advance is the best idea. You know what you are going to say. Neither narrate a story nor one words narrations, just go for a brief introduction and talk about your skills and achievements. 
  1. Dress for success - Dressing professionally makes the video look professional. Dress as you would dress for an interview- formals or smart casuals. For women light makeup is advisable, you surely don’t want to flaunt your dark circles. 
  1. Use a digital camera - Use a digital camera to shoot your video CV. You can easily transfer the video to your laptop. 
  1. Set the perfect lighting - Check the lighting before the shoot. There should be soft light, not too bright and not too dark. 
  1. Select a professional background - Sit in a quiet place and also be sure of your background.  
  1. Set a video frame - Before shooting the video set your camera at the perfect angle and set the frame.  
  1. Get ready and start - Once all the prep is done, you are good to go. Just click the shoot button and be yourself. 
  1. Upload your video on Drjobs - Now that your video is ready, don’t forget to upload it on drjobpro.com. This is one of the best job websites that can land you some great opportunities.  
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