7 Ways to Build a Significant Talent Pool


Talent pool?? What’s that? I’m glad you asked! A talent pool is a group of people you know about, or already know, or who are easily accessible, that you can use for recruitment. Once you know your talent pool and how to use it to your advantage in recruiting, your company will reap the benefits by expanding quickly consistently with outstanding talent. You will be able to scale effortlessly. This guide has 7 easy steps that will show you exactly how to build a significant talent pool and use it to increase your revenues and expand your company.

  • Create a process that continuously assesses talent needs
Tapping into the right sources is vital to building a significant talent pool. You need to know how to find talent that has the potential to perform for your company. To do this, you need a set of job descriptions that truly reflect core job functions and then a process for vetting each applicant thoroughly.

  • Amend your current practices to support your efforts for the future
Building talent is all about positioning your organization for future success. As a leader, you should consider policies that will help you develop talent in the future. These policies can be different than how businesses have traditionally sought to grow their workforce.

  • Check previous applicants
There is a list of many applicants that have applied for jobs before. It would be beneficial for you to start from the top and interview them.

  • Assess your current candidates
Hiring the right candidates is crucial to the success of your company. You have to build a significant talent pool and then assess each candidate to determine if you should hire this individual or not. The assessment process is an integral part of your hiring strategy for several reasons.

  • Search among your current employees
There’s a lot of talent within your company that you may not realize. People are going about their days and doing amazing things. The best part? A lot of them are interested in learning new skills. They just want to be challenged and aren’t already satisfied with their current position.

  • Find a platform and create a community
A talent acquisition strategy should consist of more than just job ads. It should include a vibrant community where people come in actively looking for people to join them, to be considered for jobs that become available and grow their skillset.

  • Social media is a powerful and cost-effective way
Social Media has become a widespread and effective way to build a talent pool. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., are all places to find incredibly connected and talented professionals.

Start now creating your significant talent pool!