7 Reasons Why Black Friday Shopping Will Land You A Job


While looking for a job, you get ready for a long time, effort, and money consuming journey. You start searching extensively for opportunities here and there, trying to reach industry leaders, waking up very early in the morning to get through a whole day of interviews, especially if you plan to attend walk-ins. Wait a moment! This is what you exactly do in the Black Friday shopping.

You are putting strategies for finding and getting the biggest offers and deals during the biggest shopping day of the year. You are searching for offers with the same excitement, interest, and passion you dedicate to searching for a job.

Find below 7 reasons why Black Friday shopping will land you a job.

You know how to evaluate the situation

You know how to evaluate the situation
Before starting your Black Friday shopping, you check what you already have and decide if you'll need one more, what you'll get rid of, which things need replaces. You think big. This is actually what you should do before starting your job searching. Dive into your current career life and decide why you want to change jobs? Which industries are you seeking? Which skills do you want to utilize? This will give you a clear idea of where and how to start. Every minute spent in planning saves 10 minutes in execution; this gives you're a 1,000 return on energy.

You know how to research

You Know How To Do Research
Regardless of where you'll go shopping: online, in a mall, or a small retail shop, and regardless of what you seek to buy, you take shopping on Black Friday as a mission that you must accomplish. You start memorizing all Black Friday deals by heart, scanning the internet offers, browsing the offers catalogs back to back, taking endless screenshots on your mobile phone, and writing down notes in your notebook. Thus, it will not be a challenging mission for you, as a professional, to browse the internet for the latest job postings and submit your resume. Utilizing your premium research skills (that you already improve while researching the best deals) is essential for many positions nowadays. It's a No.1 required hard skill. These hard research skills include analysis skills, content writing, and communication skills, and they will help you be an ideal candidate for the job.

You know how to stay on a schedule

You know how to stay on a schedule
On Black Friday day, Google maps are your all-day friend. You make a pre-scheduling with all the stores you want to visit and know precisely every store's opening hours. So, you set a plan according to the traffic broadcasts to reach your destination 15 minutes before the opening hours. If you apply the same strategy while attending your job interviews, you'll definitely leave a good impression on your potential employer. Being ready on time in a formal dress code impress your recruiter and convey your commitment spirit.

Your wake up early energized

You wake up early energized
Your enthusiasm to quickly grab what you want makes you banish your morning fatigue. You wake up unusually, happy, and smiling. This smile makes it easy to overcome all the obstacles and any unexpected events that come out. You prepare yourself mentally for the challenge, so you take it easily with excitement. Like starting your Black Friday with confidence that you'll buy what you want, go to your interview with the confidence that you will get the job you desire.

You know how to set a Plan B

You know how to set a Plan B
Before Black Friday, you think about all scenarios. You don't leave room for sudden surprises. You think about your Wifi connection speed, traffic jam, and alternative options. You start thinking: what will I do if the laptop I need is out of stock? Then you decide to find another brand that has the same offer. If the road is crowded? I will take another route, so I have to wake as early as I can. If the same attitude is applied to job interviews, you'll easily find ways to list many job openings that match your skills and reach as many interviews as possible.

"No surrender is your slogan

In some cases, your desired TV is really out of stock. Yet, occasionally there is some stock in the back. If you're courageous enough to ask every salesperson to find a product for you, you can pave the way to work. In the job interview, try to show off the unique talents you've gained or the expertise you've taken to your company. You may not be accepted for this job, but you will not certainly shine among others if you don't exert effort to get a job. You are doing this for the last impression you will leave on your recruiters. Learn how to show your passion for the position and the company.

You know how to learn from your mistakes

You know how to learn from your mistakes
It's okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. Maybe your day didn't go as planned, or perhaps the buyer before you get the last piece. Anyway! Missing out on one sale doesn't indicate that you'll miss out on other ones. Job searching also is not a short journey and may fail, although you have set the best plan. Yet, suppose you know how to show off the most-in-demand skills during the interview, quantify your achievements, impress your recruiter with your experience, and stay on top of other candidates. In that case, recruiters will hire you to add value and make a difference.

Now! you know how to navigate your black Friday shopping skills into getting your dream job through our 7 reasons, which will secure your future career.

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