6 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand for A Successful Career


Do you find it difficult to show off your value to recruiters? Do you know that you can get a lucrative job just by maintaining a perfect digital presence?

Although the job market is disturbing now, all job seekers need to outline their unique strengths and translate them into personal branding. Online personal branding, including LinkedIn activities, application form (resume and cover letter), and even your daily posts are kind of "marketing." Personal branding will boost your confidence and help you to shine among the crowd.

So, do you want to start building your strong personal brand but don't know how?

Here're 6 effective ways to help you communicate your brand.

What's your personal brand?

A personal brand is every activity that highlights your skills, qualifications, work experience, values, and everything that justifies why you're an exceptional talent that can add more to the company. It is also your most significant achievements that you can accomplish due to these skills and qualifications. To make a more comprehensive branding statement, you should be able to convey all these factors. It's a marketing kind; this helps you sell yourself in job interviews and professional networking events.

Highlight Your Core Competencies

Start by reviewing your resume and your professional achievements. Outline the competencies and experiences that you would like to show to your target employers or clients. These experiences can be from work experience or any experience you've gained from any side-hustle job. To identify your unique skills, ask people around you (friends, family members, workmates) to know which areas you excel in. They may help you discover new skills that you don't consider before.

You can also make use of LinkedIn to check some profiles of professionals working in your industry. Identify common skills that they've and plan to learn them and identify skills that you've and don't to highlight these skills to your target employers. 

Discover Your Personal Core Values

To know your personal core values, you have to set a list of the essential values to your life. You can list the values that you stick to in your personal life. Tell stories that show why specific values are important to you than others to enhance your personal brand. For example, if work perfection is essential to you, tell a situation where this value helps you make outstanding achievements that benefited your current employer.

List your personal values, make stories, and post regularly about them. This will show how you're the right candidate.

Nail Your Achievements

Due to the latest layoffs, the job market now has many talented candidates looking for jobs. To stand out among these talents, you have to highlight your superior skills that lead to better results. Present these results to your potential employers and clients. Always remember to quantify these results because numbers rule the universe.

Keep It Real

When developing your personal brand, you build credibility. Depending on others' efforts means demoting your brand, not building it. When you copy/paste others' content, you will not reach any goals. Every brand should have its tone of voice, and your personal brand is not an exception. Use your own words to be able to convince people.

Highlight in natural short sentences who you are, your mission, what you value, and what you can add to the company as an asset. 

This may take time to feel its echo, but by the end, you'll surely get rewarded. To double your gains, you've to triple your efforts.

Share Your Brand

The miracle is this, the more you share, the more you'll have.

Share your brand everywhere on social media channels and connect with audience, on your LinkedIn profile, in industry-related groups, and show you brand in your resume and portfolio, and even in your business card and email signature. Maintain your brand that people talk about you when you're not in the room.

Audit Your Brand

Every period, you'll develop new skills and achieve more significant results. So it's important to audit your brand regularly by checking your social media accounts, survey people in your network, and set new measures that match your new goals. Regular auditing of your brand will help you easily highlight your skills and achievements to your potential employers.

Remember, if people like you, they will listen to you, but if they trust you, they'll do business with you.

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