6 Tips for writing an excellent bid proposal


Writing bid proposals might be a stressful process for a lot of freelancers. Although it may sound tricky, it would be manageable if you consider some things. Here are tips and hacks to create an excellent bid proposal and impress the clients.

1- Analyze the project description

That gets you ready and makes you aware of the client’s needs and requirements. There’s always a hint in the project description about the company’s identity and policy. All of that would help you a lot make better decisions on writing your proposal.

2- Make a strong introduction

The introduction attracts the customer to continue the rest of the proposal. Ask your freelance writer friends about the style and format of writing. Also, consider what you’ve guessed about the client from the project description and write according to it.

3- Be specific

Do not be too general. Be straightforward and honest while describing your offer. Specify what your needs in exact organized points. Clients do not have much time for reading long and messy proposals.

4- Sell your strengths

Do not mention negative things about you. Focus on your strong points and be proud of them. A client always wants to know why they should choose or hire you. They continuously ask themselves this question whenever they see a bid proposal.

5- Select and include relevant samples

People trust your work when you show them actual samples of it. Clients want to have a particular vision and expectations about how you’re going to manage the task they’re giving you. They would agree to your proposal once they find that your work is worth the money they will pay.

6- Use a visually appealing structured layout

The eye always captures beauty first. Make your proposal organized and appealing to the eye. It gives a good impression of you and your work. A client wouldn’t want to hire a freelancer that is not careful about how their proposal seems like.

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