6 Things May Rank Down your Resume


Your resume is the first thing the recruiter knows about you. If it's built very well, you have high chances to get the job. It's your gate to making a promising career.

1- Full address
Putting full address on resume feels outdated, as your e-mail is the primary communication method, and home address is not necessary. It also may cause you a security problem.

2- Unexplained job gaps
That leaves the space for recruiters to assume the worst. All negative possibilities come to their minds as the gaps are not explained. It's better to avoid all the hustle and shortly illustrate the reasons for the gaps.

3- Salary expectations
That would distract recruiters from focusing on your resume's important stuff like your career history, education, and skills. You cannot mention salary expectations until you're asked about them in the interview.

4- Negative words
First impressions are essential; that's why there are certain words that you can't use in your resume. Avoid negative phrases about yourself and your career history. Try to stay professional.

5- Family details
Your resume is not like your journals; you can't provide personal and family details in it. Try to stick to your career-related information. A professional resume shouldn't include any unnecessary information.

6- Full reference Details
Sometimes having full reference details wouldn't have a good impact on you. Just choose the few ones you're sure about their professionalism. You want them to provide your current recruiter with trustworthy and efficient information.

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