6 Steps To Be A Successful HR Manager


There's a variety of HR jobs in UAE, as the job market is open and diverse. UAE opens its doors and welcomes anyone qualified enough to join the job market there. HR field is exceptionally critical, though, as it takes a lot of skills and determination. You could guess if a company is doing well in the business field by observing their HR department. As HR managers are the backbone of any corporation, we'll have a fruitful discussion about them today.

Do you ever wonder how those successful HR managers could do it? Were they born inspiring and influential like that? What kind of steps have they taken before reaching this point in their lives?

Most HR managers have their primary motivation to enter this field and get to the top, which is the constant desire to help others. That career allows them to give people job opportunities and help them pursue their dreams. If you are interested enough, here are six steps to take before becoming a successful HR manager.

1- Change the stereotypes

There's a common stereotype about HR managers that they are always cold and serious-minded. Maybe it's because of the nature of their roles. We understand that your job requires constant respect for rules and regulations, but too much of anything isn't helpful.

You can apply the rules, but stay passionate and considerate at the same time. Furthermore, it would be great to connect with yourself and your original goal of doing your job. You're there for people, not against them. Sometimes we forget about who we are through professional life. Eventually, there's nothing wrong with being an enthusiastic HR manager; it doesn't make you less respectful of rules.

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2- Mingle with employees

People always say that HR managers are distant and isolated from any company's employees. They always assume that an HR manager requests to see them when there's only an emergency or a huge issue. They get anxious whenever hearing those two letters "HR." It's a false assumption, though, so let's prove them wrong.

Your job probably makes you consistently busy in your office, having many tasks and planning to do. On the other side, Human resources management doesn't work like that. You are responsible for humans, so it's better to socialize with them and understand everyone. Be friendly and welcoming, as it would give different positive vibes in your workplace. It would also result in the work that'd make you identify your job description from a whole new perspective.

3- Be open

You are the generator of your firm's culture and atmosphere. Your actions and mindset affect everybody there. Try to be that flexible and tolerant HR manager. Always be open to new ideas and new discussions.

You could observe people and learn from every single act they do. Please listen to them and take their advice without being defensive. Being a manager doesn't make you above criticism, so ask for people's opinions and suggestions.

Sometimes, new changes would happen to your company. The policies may have to change, the missions may turn different, or the job market might require new strategies. Don't hold onto old-fashioned thoughts and try to update yourself continuously.

4- Initiate communication

An HR manager is the core of communication in any workplace. You are the glue that's holding your company together, as you keep it all connected and on the same page. HR managers always e-mail everybody with the new updates and changes for the company. They also connect different teams.

Communication goes on two primary levels which are, inside your team and outside it. Your role is to keep the HR management team connected and also apply that to the whole company.

You can create some strategies to help employees healthily convey their thoughts. Always take the initiative by seeking genuine conversations with them. Discuss casually daily, so it becomes a habit for them.

That would be very useful when the company faces a crisis, as employees would be courageous and caring enough to express their solutions frankly and help solve the emergency.


5- Stay well-educated

Educating yourself doesn't stop when you graduate from college. It's a lifelong process. An HR manager should essentially keep up-to-date with new information, which starts from technology and many other things.

You could constantly be looking for new HR tools and apps that help your work be more efficient. Reading books is also a great idea, as reading never gets old. We understand how much you're busy, but a book every month would take nothing of you. Creating a book club with your teammates is a great idea because it would encourage you to read and discuss.

Knowledge has no limits. Please do not stick to the HR management field when it comes to learning. Try to be cultured and know about everything. You can learn a new language or take different kinds of courses. The world is full of exciting stuff to know. Just take the first step, and everything else will follow.

6- Respect everyone

Respect is the key to a positive and harmonious work environment. HR management is the source for the workplace culture. You are the one who creates it and helps other employees apply it correctly.

A diverse workplace is always the best. It allows people to perceive others from an accepting point of view. Try to adopt a diverse workplace culture when you hire new employees. It's also great when you respect all human beings equally.

Try to be kind to everyone, and that will reflect on your company positively. People will feel more understood and appreciated. That would also spread the vibes of acceptance and tolerance.

Advise employees to avoid starting any gossip. Talk to them about the importance of kindness and respect. Tell them about how their work productivity is always better when there are harmony and connection among all employees.

It's not likable to evaluate your current employees upon their experience. Newcomers are also important, so please give everyone a chance to be seen and heard.

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