5 Ways for Employees to Have a More Productive Winter


Winters have already set in, nights are longer and colder. All we are doing is stay watching movies, cuddled in the blanket. But being a couch-potato will not do any good to your already depressed soul.

Check out our simple and effective 5 ways to have a more productive winter and overcome the winter mood swings.

Set a Lovely- morning Routine

Nothing is more difficult than getting out of a warm, comfortable bed while it's cold outside. To ensure that you start your day positively, set a morning routine that motivates you to get out of bed. Prepare a delicious breakfast, drink your favorite Latte cup, do some exercise- whatever makes you happy. You'll be more motivated and encouraged to start a great day.

Schedule a 15-minute List

It's a list of tasks that you can accomplish within 15 minutes or less. For example, check your morning emails, brainstorm topics for the weekly plan, or plan your next meeting with your manager. This quick task will consume less effort and concentration to work as a motivator at the beginning of the day.

After being motivated with that great feeling of getting things done, you'll be ready for more complex tasks like preparing your monthly review for the coming review meeting.

You can also accomplish these small tasks while waiting for a virtual meeting to start or waiting for your manager's feedback on other tasks.

When you feel you've no power or are waiting for a Microsoft Teams meeting to start, check your 15-minute list, and accomplish some tasks.

Take Mini-vacations

What if someone tells you that you can leave work now, turn off your laptop, and start a vacation! This would soar your productivity level to unexpected levels, and this level of productivity will help you easily accomplish more work in less time.

But the question now: How can you take these vacations?

Instead of wasting your work time checking your social media accounts, watching DIY videos, or escaping online meetings, you can easily set mini-vacations, like switching off your laptop at 5 p.m. instead of 6 p.m. and do any activity that can soar your productivity, like exercising, reading a new book, or meeting up with new people.

Reduce working hours for your welfare but before doing this, make sure that you perfectly accomplish your tasks.

On the other hand, employers have to recognize the importance of these mini-breaks in boosting energy levels, mental health, and avoiding seasonal affective disorder, consequently increasing employee engagement and motivation.

Revamp Your Task List

Your task list can remain unchecked for a long time, so it's time to revamp and tailor it to the winter mode and set goals for the winter months. Check your task list and delete activities that don't:

  • Serve the company's goals
  • Utilize and demonstrate your unique talents, abilities, and expertise.
  • Offer purpose, excitement, and value to you.
  • Assist in supporting the whole team.
  • Achieve targets.
  • Serve clients.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

Robots, nowadays, replace humans in many fields. You can define your daily repetitive tasks and automate them. These tasks can automatically be done when you're sleeping or if you're out.

For tasks that can't be fully automated, define parts that can be outsourced so you can save more time and effort.

An excellent tool for automating tasks is "IFTT" as it helps link details from one application to another, so it allows you to customize your tasks and ease your workflow. For example, you can set a task: "If I upload a new photo on LinkedIn, then download it to Google Drive." You'll also find ready-to-use templates.

It can be a challenge in the winter season to stay productive, but we should try to remain active and inspired during this period, so we laid the foundation (and tempo) for the rest of the year. As in a marathon, if you're going too slow, you'll never go to get to a competitive rhythm.

Staying home more during the colder weather still consumes our resources, prompting a rise in mood changes; but, things shouldn't have to be too gloomy! Next time you feel less productive in winter weather, set a lovely morning routine, schedule a 15-minute list, take mini-vacations, revamp your task list, and use technology to your advantage.

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