5 Useful tools for Graphic Design Freelancers


Working as a Graphic Design freelancer can be daunting at times, from writing winning proposals to prospective clients to organizing your work schedule and delivering the desired outcome. 

Fortunately, as a freelancer the internet is always on your side – Granting you access to a vast collection of tools, both free and with a paid membership to have at your disposal.

The only downside of using free tools is their lack of premium features – This is more apparent in most cases when you progress with a specific tool you’ll get prompted to subscribe for a business or personal plan.

Nevertheless, I’ve put together this short but handy list of tools both paid and free to help you churn through daily work as a Graphic Design freelancer: 

  • Google Web Fonts - Only up until recent years did Google announce its new open-source fonts, and the best thing about it, it’s one of today's article's free tools.

    The most intriguing thing about Google Web Fonts is the ability to expand the selection of fonts you would normally choose to fit in your website.

  • Canva - This simplified photoshop app is of great assistance and a time saver – As a graphic designer you could be working for your client on a logo for their company and it needs to go onto Social Media platforms. Canva allows you to resize designs and art covers as per the platform’s dimensions.

  • Behance - A platform that acts as a portal to showcase your work as a designer to the outside world, carefully picks related creations according to your preference to get inspiration from – Basically, it’s all you can ask for when it comes to promoting your work on the web.

  • Basecamp - Don’t refrain from reading about this tool just because it’s a paid tool – Yes it’s a paid tool but such tools are usually aware of the circumstances of freelancers using them, so they have something for everyone.

    Working on Basecamp will provide you with the necessary features to complete the work to be done on a project with fellow freelancers and colleagues.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud - Graphic Designers' first choice is now offering monthly subscription plans to its fans, opt on one of Adobe Creative Cloud subscription plans to get the exclusive and latest features from the graphic design giant.

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