5 Tips to Rank Your Local Business Higher on Google Maps


Nowadays, with more and more businesses taking the competition to the virtual arena, local businesses can leverage the perks that the internet has to offer and not having to worry about putting all the eggs in one basket anymore.

We all know how powerful of a company Google has become connecting businesses to customers and wholesalers to retail shops, globally and domestically. 

If you’re a local business looking to beat the competition and rank higher on Google maps – For locals to discover your new shop on Google maps, you’re in for a treat in today’s article. 

– Google My Business Account

Firstly, all you have to do is – login to the free tool Google My Business Account using your Google account login credentials.

This tool doesn’t only provide you with business listing – It also allows you via your Business Profile to easily connect with customers on Google Maps.

After setting up your Google My Business Account, try out these useful tips on how to rank higher on Google Maps or put them in your pocket for later on:

  1. Ensure your shop’s physical address is consistent and highly accurate across all platforms and on Google My Business Account.

  2. Make sure you categorize your business accurately.

  3. No question about this one – Always make sure your phone number is a local one so customers can reach you hassle-free.

  4. Write a concise description for your local business – Outlining primary services you offer your customers.

  5. Last but not least, with all these fluctuating decisions to take the right measures to fight off the spread Covid-19 – Your opening and closing hours matter these days more than ever. So keep updating them frequently.

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