5 Tips to Get A Job In Gulf With No Experience


Which came first: the chicken or the egg? This question can very well explain the situation of the fresh graduates while looking for a job in a highly competitive job market of the Gulf. They find themselves inside a vicious circle of "to get a job you have to gain experience and to gain experience, you have to get a job. Challenging!

Additionally, employers hire freshers for entry-level jobs with meager salaries and expect them to take over more responsibilities. A kind of exploitation?!

To avoid all these troubles and open the doors for your first opportunity, here are 5 tips to get a job in the Gulf with no experience.

Craft your resume for your brand

We are now in the age of "products" and "branding," so you should know how to craft your online brand to get noticed by recruiters without applying for jobs.

Your resume promotes you, so you should have a highly professionally crafted resume whether by yourself or by a professional consultant.

Avoid an "all-purpose" resume and tailor it to each position highlighting your skills that match each job requirement.

You can depend on internships, initiatives, and volunteering to demonstrate your skills and convey your experience.

Study your target company

A practical way to seek a position with zero experience is to consider what the company is searching for in a job seeker. Each job description includes the qualifications and skills the company needs in the job seeker. So, read the skills listed in the requirements for the position carefully and insert them into your Resume. These skills will be relevant to the positions, such as leadership skills, technological skills, soft skills, and if you master them, you'll be a good candidate even if you don't have experience.

Before applying for a job, you've to make sure that your qualifications and skills match its requirements.

You can use real-life stories to demonstrate your skills. For example, when you organized a college event. These stories will convey that you meet the criteria companies are looking for.

Identify your prospective employer

Exerting a little much effort in researching your prospective employers will help you focus on the right requirements. It's essential to list your target employers even if you are a beginner in the job market. Planning is an essential part as it saves your time and effort and helps you get ready for the interview. Research the market very well and make a list of companies that recruit new graduates in your desired sector and country.

Also, it is essential to identify fake recruiting agencies that offer scam jobs. Here's what you need to list your list of prospective employers:

  • Make sure that the company has no bad practices like internal conflicts.
  • Check the commercial practices of the organization, contact information, and official address.
  • Check the existence, scale, and size of the business in the Gulf.
Make the best use of the "career" section on the companies' websites to apply directly for jobs and make a track record to follow up with the recruiter if you don't receive a response.

Create a professional network

Make the best use of professional platforms like LinkedIn to get in touch with professional and industry leaders in your field. Networking has an important role in getting a job nowadays. It helps you to understand the nature of each country's job market and define the right requirements. Join the online professional groups to be the first to know about the latest openings and build more relationships with people you don't know who may offer you the next opportunity.

A great number of employers depend on social media nowadays to hire new employees, so maintain a solid digital presence will help you to stay on the radar of your future employer.

Keep it real, continue learning

In the Gulf's competitive job market, there is no lack of top qualified talents. So, when it comes to your first job, you should be reasonable in terms of pay and other advantages. However, keep your dreams big, but keep your first requirements reasonable. In addition, keep learning to develop your skills and reach the goals you've set.

Continuous Learning helps to maintain individual purpose, business, and academic growth. If possible, take extra workshops or an advisor who can help you in your career development.

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To not lose hope while job hunting, you should understand the recruiters' needs and consider what makes you the perfect candidate they are looking for. By doing this, you'll save time and effort spent in sending dozens of job applications with no reply, and you'll ace your job interview.

Living in Gulf with no job is very hard, and job hunting is tough, but this doesn't mean that you're unqualified. There's always something great waiting for you in the future.

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