5 Questions Every Mom Should Ask Before Quitting Her Job


Quitting your job is a callous decision. The thought of leaving the job does ring the bell during difficult times. Sometimes, mothers think it is the ultimate solution for all their problems, but that’s not true. Most of the time, there are other hidden reasons we never realize until we ask ourselves a bunch of questions. You may want to check the upcoming five questions to make sure you’re going to take the right decision.

1- What's the actual reason behind this decision?

Get a journal and pour your heart out into it. Sometimes our thoughts and ideas are not organized, and our reasons are not clear; that's why we make impulsive decisions. Write down what annoys you from your job and try to figure out the solutions. Maybe you're just anxious because of a new life-event, perhaps you need some help from family or friends, or maybe you're burnt out and need some break. The responsibilities you have are not simple at all, but quitting might not be the best solution. You could also talk to a therapist to help you figure out your feelings and thoughts. It would be beneficial.

2- Can I afford to live without a job?

It's necessary to consider your financial status. Ask yourself the following question:
Are my savings enough for the upcoming 12 months? Is quitting my job going to affect my essential needs? Is it going to make me feel better or make me feel more stressed about the money? Will it affect my family stability? What are the possible consequences?
Get a pen and paper, then write down your monthly needs and see if you can cut any of them off. Consider the idea of moving out to a smaller apartment with fewer expenses. If your car isn't necessary, consider selling it. Check your priorities and decide on them.

3- Are there any other alternatives?

If your problem is all about time management or balance between family and work, you could stay at your job but look for different solutions. Check with your manager if you can be a work-at-home mom or if there's a possibility to turn your career into part-time. There may be a variety of solutions that you overlooked. Explain your concerns to your manager, and they may be understanding. They may offer you a new working system that could comfort you and make you stay. Checking other job roles at the same company would be cool. Try to ask co-workers and other colleagues if they know about any opportunities. Sometimes there are jobs in the same field, but less demanding.

4- Can I come back after years away?

Some fields don't give you the chance to come back after years of quitting. Observe the nature of your job and see if this is true or not. Ask yourself if you're going to regret your decision in the future. Also, if this career path is your dream one, or it's just a temporary one. There are always priorities and sacrifices when it comes to making a decision. Try to be honest and realistic with yourself. Ask yourself if it's worth it. Talk to other moms and let them tell you about their personal experiences. There may be something that you don't see now, but they'll make you realize it once you discuss it. Remember that everybody's different, so don't apply their experience typically to yours; they're never the same.

5- Will I be comfortable being a stay-at-home mom?

Some women enjoy staying home and taking care of their kids, but others cannot stand this lifestyle. Be honest with yourself enough to know which one of them you are. Being a stay-at-home parent is not all rosy and colorful; it also has its downsides. You'll have to repeat the same daily routine and the same chores every day. You'll be staying with your kid for long hours, and you'll have to handle them. You won't be interacting with other adults that much as you did before. Sometimes you'll miss your old job and your previous lifestyle, but if it's an honest and thoughtful decision, you can get through the whole thing better.

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