5 Jobs That Pay $ 100K While Working from Home


Have you ever imagined making six figures as a freelance worker? It's possible if you know where to look. Today, I would like to reveal 5 different freelance opportunities that can bring in anywhere from $100K – $200K in 2021.

 "How does one make six figures as a freelancer?"

Percentages of people working remotely add up to many people. Virtual jobs are hot, and the competition is heating up. In 2021, 71% of US companies had some remote workers. Yet, that number is expected to increase over the next few years. The number of opportunities increases, but the quality of jobs starts to rise as more and more companies begin requiring remote work experience as part of an applicant's portfolio.

As companies such as Facebook, Google, and others adopt remote working strategies, a growing number of companies are turning to freelancers to fill roles and handle projects remotely. In the past, it was mostly startups, media, and software companies, but now many larger players are getting on board with remote work.

What this means is that opportunities are soaring for those who like to be freelancers or work remotely. Despite the latest economic recession and the high rates of unemployment, there is a growing demand for STEM talent (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and other fields. Remote job growth has also grown across industries like finance, banking, insurance, health care, and real estate.

If you are trying to secure a high-paying virtual job, using keywords (such as "work from home," "virtual," "telecommute," "flexible," "part-time," and "partial remote") is an effective technique. "Pair these keywords (e.g., "work from home project manager" or "telecommute WordPress") with relevant job titles or skill sets.

Here are five freelance jobs that offer high payouts and can all be done on the side of your day job or totally from home.

  1. Network and system administration
Job titles: virtualization engineer, network/ security engineer, System administrator, and cloud infrastructure architect

Average salary/hour: $69

  1.  Search engine marketing
Job titles: PPC/SEM/analytics expert, digital marketing expert, digital marketing strategist

Average salary/hour: $66

  1. Product design
Job titles: UI designer, Product design engineer, UX designer

Average salary/hour: $61

  1. Mobile development
Job titles: iOS app developer, Professional react native developer, IOS, Android mobile apps full-stack developer

Average salary/hour: $58

  1. Email and marketing automation
Job titles: Email strategist, demand generation specialist, email designer, and developer

Average salary/hour: $61

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