28 Resume Filenames Recruiter Never Read


How many emails do you skip/day? How many times do you misplace downloaded files and start searching everywhere on your laptop? Has it ever happened to you to found an important email in the spam folder?

All this happens while you've tens of emails/day. What if you receive hundreds, if not thousands of emails?

This is what happens with the recruiters who are also employees like you and me.

Recruiters would not waste anymore even 6 seconds on the submitted or sent resume or CV if the filename is ambiguous or confusing. If they download it, they are more likely to miss it later.

The below are the worst resume filenames. All of these are real and good examples to remind you not to name your resume files like them.

Ali Mohamed, March 2007, Updated Resume.doc

Haven't you updated your resume since 2007? I hope you did.

Resume Reviewed.doc

No doubt that you've reviewed it before sending it, but you don't tell.

However, please specify who's resume it is.


There's no need to mention how many times you have reviewed your resume, whether 3 or 4 times. Once you've sent it to the recruiter, it becomes the last version, so it doesn't make sense to mention it.

A recruiter is a well-educated person. Also, he will understand your resume language without explicitly mentioning it. So, no need to add (Eng) to refer to English or (AR) to refer to Arabic in your resume filename.


You mention the number as a way to demonstrate how much effort and time you exert in creating and updating your resume, right?

Bear in mind that whatever how many times you've reviewed your resume, it can be less than the supposed number comparing to another one, or it may reflect that you don't understand what is supposed to get edited from the first time.

It's not a sign of perfection at all.

Remove any numbers from your resume filename.


Use your full name. It will not take more space.


Again! Abbreviating doesn't work in your resume filename. Use your full name.


Let's guess together! Who is this Karim? Is he a celebrity? Is it a short story? … What shows that it is a resume!

Be Smart! Don't give any name while sending your resume! Demonstrate that it's Karim's resume for position X.

Karim Karam_ENG_06.doc

Again? A journey of guessing the file's content.

And this ENG stands for Engineer or English?

Moreover, numbers, whether you need to convey the number of reviews or updates or convey the year while applying, are nonsense while mentioning in the resume filename.

CV Karim Karam Résumé 322001.pdf

Dates, complete or not, will play against you while mentioning in your resume file name.

Besides, you're smart enough to understand that resume and CV convey almost the exact meaning, so why mention both? Will it show your details-oriented skills? No. So…?

Oh, one second, please! As you'll not mention the year, don't mention the month.

Karim CV 2021.doc

There's only one Karim globally?

Is 2021 your resume expiry date?


Make it easy for the recruiter and leave a space, please. Don't forget! No months, no years, no numbers in the resume filename.

Resume Download Emirates3.doc

Technically any resume should be "downloadable," so why mention it?

Don't specify a geographical place unless you look for a job internationally or one job requirement.


Your resume is your medium to sell yourself as a "product," but mention your full name first.

AmgadAhmed – English summery.doc

Is it a summary, and later you'll send your resume?

Ok. Proofreading your resume includes the filename as well.


Ok., but whose resume is it?

MY DATA.docx

Your resume isn't only about data. name it professionally


Is this your nickname? Or your initials?

Please use your full name to be professional and save the recruiter's time.


Where's the old one? Is it Ok.? Remember! All resumes are new to the recruiter.

CV 3-5-2021 Net ’04.doc

Is this a code or a kind of abbreviation?

The recruiter doesn't have time to spend on solving your resume filename puzzles.


Is this a chemical compound? Are you applying for a job as a chemist? Edit your resume filename and try applying again. This recruiter will never respond to you.


This is a technical report name, not a resume name.


Your first yahoo email address name can't be your resume name.

Dear HH king Karim,

Be professional, please.


By adding the word 'sales,' you demonstrate you've other professions.

By crushing it all together, you make it hard for the recruiter to read.

Product manager resume.doc

Exert some effort to name your resume as this shows that you're using an online template and ignore giving a name to your file.

sales Osama Ahmed Resume two pages Emirates Jan 3 2021.doc

Why will the recruiter read your resume? You've mentioned all the details he needs in your filename

The resume is supposed to be 1 page; writing it in two pages conveys that you don't understand what you're sending.

Osama Ahmed Resume AI.doc

Stating your full name doesn't verify mentioning any ambiguous letters.

Updated Sales resume of Karim Karam.doc

 Update it, but don't mention it.

m monjy marketing specialist cv.doc

You don't exert effort to capitalize your resume filename; will you exert it while posting on the company's social media accounts? So, no recruiter will hire you.

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