13 Tips To Reduce Job Search Anxiety During COVID-19


We on Drjobpro realize how job search anxiety is more common during the COVID-19 crisis.

Job search anxiety
The general problem of job search anxiety isn’t new to job seekers, but the panic and fear of COVID-19 are now added to the original problem.

Sadly, COVID-19 has also affected the job market a lot and caused many people to lose their jobs.

Moreover, job opportunities have become way less because of the international economy and the global crisis.

With the decreasing of job opportunities, it’s now way more complicated for job seekers to find a suitable job.

We understand what you’re going through of anxiety, fear, and doubts. Don’t worry! We’ve got your back.

Drjobpro helps you today with 13 tips that would help you reduce your job search anxiety during the breakout of COVID-19.

1- Remember that it’s all temporary

Job search anxiety
The pandemic won’t last forever, also your job search process. You will eventually find a good job and be satisfied with it.

We know how much it’s hard to be patient and calm yourself down. In such situations, try to focus on the positive things instead of getting overwhelmed by the negative stuff.

Tell yourself that it’s just a necessary level to reach the job you want. It will teach you and add a lot to your experience and perspective about life.

2- Be nice to yourself

Job search anxiety
Don’t blame yourself for the surrounding circumstances. People with anxiety always tend to punish themselves by thinking they’re the reason behind every issue.

The whole world is going through the same challenging situation. Your long job search process is not because of failure or disqualification. It’s happening to most job seekers in various places on planet earth.

Tell yourself that you’re trying your best and there’s nothing additional to do. Appreciate and don’t underestimate your potentials. Putting yourself down won’t help your job search at all.

3- Ask for help

Job search anxiety
Don’t be shy to ask for other people’s help. Talk to your friends and tell them about your situation. Ask them to send you any available job opportunities.

Furthermore, express your thoughts and fears to a trusted friend or a family member. Don’t be embarrassed about what you’re going through.

It’s also a good idea to see a therapist help you pass this phase safely and give you the best mental health advice.

4- Take a break when needed

Job search anxiety
The job search process is mentally overwhelming and exhausting. Please pay attention not to get yourself too tired.

Taking a break and rewarding yourself is a great idea. It can’t be a full-time job search process because you’ll eventually get bored and tired.

Try not to feel guilty when you rest because taking a break is necessary. It also helps you continue the search process efficiently.

5- Keep a journal

Job search anxiety
You can use this journal for two purposes; a professional one and a personal one.

Please keep track of the jobs you apply for by writing them down shortly. It also helps you write down your feelings and thoughts during the job search process.

Writing down your thoughts makes them less abstract and less scary. Furthermore, it helps you express them safely.

Get yourself a cute notebook and a set of pens. Your mental health deserves some effort.

6- Follow a healthy lifestyle

Job search anxiety
Most job seekers don’t realize how much their sleeping schedules and food diet affect their concentration and anxiety.

Our mental health is mainly affected by our lifestyle. Healthy and fixed sleep schedules help you to be calmer and more focusing.

Also, eating healthy food and drinking enough water helps you be in better shape physically and mentally. Don’t forget about avoiding caffeine as much as possible. There are other good alternatives like fresh juices and herbs.

Going for walks and exercising also help you release the negative energy and keep you active.

7- Stay away from social media

Job search anxiety
Try to keep your mind away from social media as much as possible. Most people don’t realize how much it affects their lives negatively.

Having to deal with all of that amount of data and news is not what our brains are meant to do. While scrolling down, your mind somehow gets involved in other people’s issues and worldwide crises.

It also wastes a lot of your time on trivial and unnecessary things. Try to reduce your social media time, which helps focus on your job search process.

8- Do fun activities

Job search anxiety
Many activities would help you continue your job search and benefit from it.

Doing volunteer work is one of these activities. It also adds much to your resume and experience.

Meet new people, take dance classes, and use your spare time to enjoy and have fun.

9- Focus on yourself

Job search anxiety
Many job seekers fall for the trap of comparing themselves to others. Pay attention to that.

Everybody has their journey. Don’t let yourself feel disappointed.

Moreover, try not to listen to any negative words that may hinder your motivation.

10- Work on your skills and resume

Job search anxiety
Job seekers need to increase their skills during the job search process, especially in Coronavirus times.

With all the competition and the few job opportunities, you get better chances when you have more skills.

You can take online courses or even work on yourself at home. The resume is also a huge factor for getting picked up for a job interview.  

11- Expand your network

Job search anxiety
Knowing more people increases your chances of getting a job opportunity faster. Connect to more employers and see what they offer.

For more information, 6 Tips to Build Your Strong Professional Network (When You Don’t Know Anyone)

12- Stay organized

Job search anxiety
We know how sometimes the job search process goes messy and crazy. Write down your daily to-do list to clear things up for your mind.

Prioritize your target careers and plan for what you need. Be flexible for alternatives, and don’t stick to only one option.

Staying organized also decreases the possibility of panicking over simple things.

13- Don’t give up

Job search anxiety
The job search process during COVID-19 might take a very long time and so much effort, but it’s eventually worth it.

You’re not alone who’s going through a hard time. Please don’t lose hope and don’t give up. It will eventually pay off.

Drjobpro wishes you to find a job soon and end your job search process happily.