11 Must-Have Tools for Any Freelancer


Every freelancer needs specific tools to work efficiently. Here are some of them.

• Accounting, tax, and invoicing

These tools are essential for a freelancer to receive payment efficiently. They would also help him/her to know every single detail about the whole payment process.

• Task management

There are various software tools for task management. They make your workflow and reaching daily goals sound way easier. Also, they provide organized options for that.

• Visual project management

Project management tools help you a lot to easily create projects, track your time and be more productive.

Team management

Some online platforms and tools help you communicate better with your teams, such as Trello, zoom meetings, Slack, and Dropbox.

• Secure Emailing

That is very necessary to keep your client’s data safe. You can do that by keeping your software updated and creating strong passwords for your e-mail.

• E-signature

It’s more manageable and way more comfortable to have your documents restored online, so you need an E-signature tool.

• Instant messaging

Communicating with your clients and teammates is not optional. There are various apps for instant messaging that provide useful options.

• Tracker of different time zones

If you are working with clients from all over the world, you’d need to keep up with them and consider suitable communication times.

• File sharing

Your work mainly depends on sharing files with clients and co-workers. Google Drive and Dropbox have are good file-sharing tools.

• Digital Design

Whether you’re a graphic designer or not, you’d need to use that at some point. Try to learn some digital design skills to save you in need.

• Customer relationship management systems

Those would help you a lot manage communication between you and clients in an efficient way. A well-known example of it is GSuite by Google.

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