11 Effective Ways To Show Your Employer That You Add Value At Work


Learn How to Present Yourself to Get Credit for Your Work!

You'll rarely feel 100% secure going into a performance appraisal or feedback session, except that you are a narcissist. Self-doubting questions often pop up into your mind:

  • “Do I really add enough value to the company?”
  • “Did I do as good a job as I thought?”
  • “Does my employer think I did a good job?”
So, let's tell you that employees who know how to promote themselves and their efforts (without bragging) are always ahead of their higher-performing coworkers.

For those who find self-promotion is challenging or just plain distasteful, how can you exactly get your accomplishments out of the black box without bragging, particularly when you're convinced that you should work silently and your work will speak for itself?

Here's the answer, let's have a closer look at these 11 Effective Ways to Show Your employer you add value at Work

  1. Blow Your Own Trumpet
Don't let your accomplishments until they became old news. Keep your manager informed about all your noteworthy accomplishments. Praise yourself but in a subtle way.

  1. Highlight Results, Not Just Activities
Validate your time and effort! Although activities like making calls and holding meetings are necessary, your manager really wants to know their effects on the organization.

  1. Learn How to Sell Yourself
Selling skills are essential to get a raise and show how effective you are and how you are an added value to the company. Sell your achievements as long as they benefit the company.

  1. Quantify Your Accomplishments
Utilize the persuasive power of numbers. Mention in figures how much revenue your work brought to or saved for the company.

  1. Learn How to Communicate Effectively
Successful workers should be able to collaborate and address challenges with persons. You have no value if you can't communicate with people directly.

  1. Establish A Communication Line
Try to express the concern that you are not raising your contributions enough to your manager and asking him if you can provide more effective or beneficial updates.

  1.  Present Yourself In Front Of Decision-Makers
Go for it if you are given a chance to present an update on your project, suggest a particular decision, or have comments on your role's effect. This will give you a boost when it comes to performance reports and outstanding appraisals.

  1. Replace "We" with "I"
Although teamwork is vital, make sure that you still call the specific task you own to your boss. Don't overuse sentences like " We accomplished this project" "We met the deadline."

  1. Use Social Proof
Ask your workmates or customers to speak up on your behalf anytime you do something awesome and show gratitude. A short note to your boss on your ability to achieve great results will show how awesome you are.

  1. Send regular updates
Weekly, quarterly, or monthly, share your journey with the HR or supervisor or both. Show what you've accomplished and how.

  1. Be Innovative and Confident
Be willing to defend your ideas to the management. If you fully support your views with facts and passions, you'll prove your value. 

Did You Know?

  • 58% of employees believe that they aren't appreciated enough.
  • 54% of employees feel they personally feel unappreciated.
  • 41% of employees say that they are demotivated as a result.
Finally, you are actually heading for trouble if you waste your workdays worried about losing your work. Quit those anxious thoughts and focus on your work and how you bring value to your company. Convey positive thoughts to the colleagues and a can-do spirit. Work better than your competitors and, every time, you'll get ahead.

Motivating yourself to take the helm of your own career is always part of raising your value at work.

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