10 Tips for Landing Your First Digital Marketing Job


Do you want to hit your marketing road?  Is it your major or your passion? The fact of the matter is, having the first marketing job (or any job) can be challenging. Having skills with no experience makes it stressful to get your dream position.

So, here're tips that will help you kickstart your marketing career successfully.

Define which marketing job you're looking for

You may already be very specific about just what kind of marketing role you are interested in. Or maybe you're either learning about your choices or looking at a few different future routes. That's all right! Only make sure you get acquainted with typical marketing roles—from social media marketing specialist to content marketing to product marketing—and decide where to start and where you wish to be. You've to begin with a general position to form a general overview and then choose where to be an expert.

Do your marketing-centric research

Reach industry leaders on social media and try to learn from their expertise. Read their blogs, articles, and posts. Subscribe to the marketing newsletter and check reliable marketing websites.

Through monitoring these professionals, you will benefit from the trends they see or the latest campaigns they're running. Many professionals often write case studies focused on real brands and real campaign outcomes, providing insights into marketing tactics and industry standards.

You'll also know the experts; you'll define your target employers and companies and the marketing fields you're more involved in. You can still use this information later in your interviews to show recruiters that you're at the forefront of the marketplace trends, and it may help in some industries. It's an opportunity to show your love and enthusiasm for the job, and it can help you outshine the crowd during interviews.

Arrange informational interviews

Arrange a coffee talk with some professionals working in marketing or its relevant fields. Do you have a college professor with marketing experience? Or is there someone on your network who's working in a marketing company? Do you follow any marketer whom do you think would help? Talking to people who are also active in the industry you're applying for will help you craft your resume, master your interviews, and get your first job.

Here are sample questions that you can ask:

  • How did you start your marketing career?
  • What do you think your work looks like in a typical week?
  • What are the highest in-demand skills for marketing jobs?
  • What do you enjoy the most about your job?
  • Do you have any tips to start a marketing career with zero experience?

Find a mentor

Your mentor will help you make a successful cover letter and resume and help you stand out from other candidates. Your mentor will also guide you into the interview questions and their best answers.

Some advisors will also recommend you to their personal and professional connections, searching for eligible applicants to fill different marketing roles. And because businesses prioritize candidates directly endorsed by someone they trust completely, this will boost the opportunity of getting your first marketing job even without experience.

Your mentor can be your supervisor in your last marketing internship, a marketing expert in your LinkedIn connections list. Deeper you dive into the industry; the more mentors you'll find.

Create original content

You can immerse yourself in the functional field of marketing by producing your original content, publishing, and promoting it.

Start a blog, post-LinkedIn articles, or a YouTube channel or podcast to help you grow some of your digital marketing skills and demonstrate your skills to your target employers. Consider your target audience, produce high-value content, and try many channels and strategies until you find the best options.

This is a perfect way to utilize your time when you're submitting resumes, too, even if you're trying to prepare strategically for future job hunting. It always helps to have an innovative, independent project to speak about in interviews to display your passion, dedication, and expertise, particularly if you don't have a lot of professional marketing experience.

Consider freelance opportunities

Freelancing opportunities are a good option while searching for a full-time job as they provide you with experience to add to your resume, on-job training, and get in touch with clients who could be your employers one day. Search among relevant marketing jobs like content marketing, social media specialist, etc., to find your ideal opportunity.

You can find freelance, part-time and temporary jobs by joining freelance job portals like Drjob and joining marketing groups on Facebook and other sites, or using your Linkedin networks.

When starting your freelance jobs, not only do you earn as you develop your expertise, but you also live the day of the marketing specialist who has to plan and execute several innovative and data-driven tasks simultaneously.

Develop more marketing skills

Another right way to invest your time is to develop and improve the skills that would make you an enticing marketing prospect, whether you want to get acquainted with Facebook ads or grasp search engine optimization (SEO). Spend some of your time taking online courses and reading reliable sources to hone your skillset and shine among other applicants.

You can apply information from these courses to your content, and you'll show to your recruiters that you're an initiative, proactive, continuous learner who has accountability and adaptability skills.

Create your portfolio online

If you even have any experience in freelance jobs or independent projects, organize your best work into an online portfolio. Getting your website will also demonstrate your effort and make you immediately convey your talent with your most outstanding samples.

Underline your marketing skills in your application

Showcase every skill you've gained through your journey while searching for a marketing job. These skills can be from a freelance career, an online course, an internship.

If you have recent work experience from a non-marketing career, what are the qualities you've gained there that fit nicely into a marketing job? And everything else you have previously done. Seek the balance between the skills you know you have and those outlined in the job description. Highlight your transferable skills in your resume and during the interview.

Be honest

Don't tell your potential employer that you have the required experience (when you don't have it) because the employer will discover it during the interview or when you get the job and become unable to accomplish your tasks.

Instead, be sincere about your ability to improve and improve the business as well. Tell him about the skills you've been learning, and you've exerted an effort to develop. Working in marketing means understanding that there will always be plenty to learn and demonstrate the ability to evolve and change continuously in a dynamic industry.

Finally, to enter the marketing industry, you've to know how to market yourself first to be the best candidate for the position.