10 Reasons Why Text Messaging Is Important for Your Recruiting Process


As the recruitment process involves two main parties: the recruiter and the candidate, each party exerts his effort to hire and get hired. For recruiters, they seek new technologies that can help fasten their recruitment process and ensure the perfect candidate will be hired.

One of these latest trends in recruitment is the multiple communication channels. Recruiters try to reach their potential employees quicker. The newest communication channel in the market is "text messages." Text messaging helps employers understand more about the job seekers in no time. Some companies also depend on them to know more about the candidate's written communication skills (for positions that rely on chatting, for example).

Let's find why text messaging is important for your recruiting process!

Benefits of Text Messaging in Your Recruiting Process:

Text Messages allow the recruiter:

  1. Reach many candidates simultaneously with one click.
  2. Reach candidates faster as people are holding their mobiles most of the day. It also a better communication channel than phone interviews, in the case of already employed persons.
  3. Learn more about the candidate's verbal communication skills and documentation skills.
  4. Represent the company through a well-written intro that he may not have time for it while conducting a face-to-face interview.
  5. Use the perfect mode of contact with the younger generation. It's often said that Millennials prefer texting to calling. This could suggest that the organization would be regarded positively due to the use of a popular means of communication.
  6. Use a more intimate way of reaching out to passive candidates than sending a cold email. According to studies, text messages often have better response rates than emails.
  7. Reflect that the candidate can reach the company quickly and communicate with its HR, which is a good attribute for the company brand.
  8. Give applicants brief screening questions, making it easy to build a shortlist and saving more time and effort. It could be used instead of a phone screen that could be more effective if handled correctly so that multiple calls will take place at once. Text messaging also can be automated to increase productivity.
  9. Avoid scheduling problems. Unlike phone calls or emails, text messages can be replied to anytime, eliminating the need to think over whether both parties are present simultaneously.
  10. Use them as a simple method of sending reminders.
What other advantages do you have for incorporating text messages into the hiring process?

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