Writer’s Block: Quick Solutions


Does your livelihood depend on writing? Do you sometimes lose the ability to write?

Then you have writer’s block. It happens to most of us, and it’s a real thing. When you get writer’s block, ideas become blurry in your mind, and you’re not able to write anything. That’s okay because we got you. Here are some quick tips and hacks to help you get rid of this issue.

1- Be easy on yourself

Most writers want to write flawlessly and don’t want to make any mistakes. That stops the creativity flow and makes you locked up in your criticism. Try to let your mind write without stopping it and spotting the errors one by one.

2- Write continuously

Write even when you don’t have inspiration or when you don’t feel creative. Take that as a daily practice or a routine. You can do it daily or schedule yourself certain days a week. The most important thing is to stick to that routine whatever happens. It helps you discipline your mind into writing.

3- Read constantly

Sometimes we lose inspiration because of the lack of reading. A good writer should be a constant reader. It enriches your mind and makes it ready to be consistently productive. Try to go for various fields and topics, not only the ones that appeal to you. Go out of your comfort zone and try new stuff.

4- Don’t panic

Panicking would make it worse. Try to stay calm and breathe. A writer’s block is not the end of the world; it’s healable. You could walk away from your office and do some exercises to calm yourself down. Yoga would be beneficial and suitable for this situation. Sometimes we stop writing just because of being too pressured.

5- Get yourself some sleep

You’re not a machine that could be productive for very long hours. Even devices need some rest not to get broken. It’s better to sleep enough hours daily and rest your mind. Lack of sleep is one of the main reasons for writer’s block, as it affects your focus and comfort levels.

If you have further tips for writer’s block, please comment below.

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