World Book Day: 5 Reasons Reading Can Boost Your Career


Are you a bookworm, or are you only preoccupied with reading your Facebook updates and emails? If you're one of the untold numbers of persons who don't read regularly, you may be missing out on many benefits as reading have a significant impact on your career life.

Here are 5 ways reading can boost your career:

Reading Relieves Stress

On the professional level, you've to realize how to properly handle your tension so that you do not seem to be a pressure cooking vessel ready to burst on your manager, colleagues, or staff.

According to recent studies, only six minutes of reading a day will "reduce [your] stress level by more than two-thirds."

Reading performs better than listening to music, drinking a cup of coffee, and getting some exercise as a way to unwind.

So, instead of drinking tea or coffee, shout out, or crying in your bed, pick a book.

Reading Is a Sleep Aid

It's always easier said than done. Everyone realizes the importance of sleeping enough, but we can stay up overthinking all night due to life challenges.

Reading is one of the easiest ways to relax in bed, according to study, and you'll enjoy deeper sleeping than if you stay watching TV.

Reading Helps You to Be a Decision Maker

Typically, people tend to make 35,000 decisions a day. And, of course, everyone wants to produce nothing but the right decisions.

No doubt that it's vital to ensure avoid taking decisions that are reckless and inadequate. Do you know that reading will assist you in avoiding being fooled?

Reading fiction literature "could contribute to enhanced practices for handling knowledge generally, as well as those of creative thinking," according to a study conducted by a trio of University of Toronto scholars. In other words, fiction readers created less of a desire for "cognitive resolution," or, to put it another way, they were more at peace with uncertainty.

Since you'll be more open to unpredictable scenarios after reading novels, you'll be able to enhance your decision-making abilities and avoid making instant unreasonable decisions.

Reading Improves Your Leadership Skills

Readers are always portrayed as individuals who resist making eye contact favoring engrossing themselves in a book.

However, this is far off the mark.

One study revealed that people who read for just thirty min a week have a deeper feeling of compassion when it comes to communicating with others.

The potential to communicate with others and empathy—is a quality held by both readers and the strongest leaders.

Reading Makes You More Intelligent

The brain is like any body's muscle, and it has to be trained to remain in good condition. Yes, Rubik's cube and jigsaw puzzles are enjoyable, but reading is a perfect way to keep your mind sharp.

Typically, you would not get healthier if you do not keep fit. Your body will deteriorate with time. You will able to boost your endurance only if you exercise with scales. The same applies to the brain. Your brain will function faster if you train it daily.

As a result, reading will not only assist you with learning new things, but it will also boost your general knowledge to be smarter.

Although reading something is a good start, one way to easily add value is to search for a book that can help you learn essential skills for your occupation.

Of course, you can read for enjoyment as well. Anything you learn will help you broaden your knowledge.

Overall, while videos and online classes are helpful, don't assume that books are ineffective.

Always remember, "Today a reader, tomorrow a leader."

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