Working From Home: Pros & Cons


Have you recently shifted your workspace to your room? This has probably been the latest trend after the fringe days never saw the light of day since the virus outbreak in march last year. Henceforth, working remotely could become the new black.

What Pros and Cons are to be identified in this newly practiced lifestyle for a decent amount of us?

As shown in a recent study 33% of workers in the United States are always working from home, 25% sometimes and 41% never work from home.

Despite the dramatic decline in numbers of people working remotely, which could be the result of lifting strict measures to prevent the spread of the virus, the recent development of vaccines, or the fact that some workers don’t see a threat of potentially contracting the virus at their work.

Many workers which experienced the work-remotely system – Still prefer to do so and don’t consider working from home as just a fad.

The bottom line is that working from home can gradually be the way forward for companies and organizations to run their business, probably leaving behind the percentage which comprises jobs that require handiwork as its main asset.

Let’s pinpoint these Pros and Cons of any “work remotely” fashion:


  • Less of an intermittent schedule of work due to meetings and chit-chat with colleagues.
  • Customizable workspace each remote-worker can enjoy.
  • Improvement in the terms of striking a work-life balance.

  •  Misinterpretation of cues when communicating virtually
  • Lack of separation between work and free time
  • To some businesses’ workers, there could be a lack of equipment
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