What to Consider When Starting Out as a Web Developer?


Thinking of pursuing a career in the Web Development field? - First thing to keep in mind that just like many other career fields, it's essentially a diverse one. Web Development is much more of a broad term. 

Just like when you talk about engineering, it comprises various career paths in different sectors of specialty.  

So to set your first foot into this exciting journey - Refining your search to precisely choose what type of web developer you aspire to become is very crucial, although there are a lot of sprawling programming languages to know and research on.

Primarily in this article I will be simplifying things for you when it comes to the formation of the key role players of a Web Development team:

  1. Front end developers  
  2. Back end developers 
  3. Full-stack developers
The main difference between each type of developer is the scope within which each developer operates.

Front End Developer: 

From the literal meaning of this type of developing; front similarly to a front of shop or the front desk of a company - They are responsible for the structure of how a website or a web application should look like and are concerned with the key features of an interface that visitors or users come to interact with.

Examples of programming languages that fall into this kind of development are languages like JavaScript, JS node, JS react 

Back End Developer:

On the other hand, Back end developers focus on the installation and configuration of the system's database and other fundamental settings to ensure seamless functionality of the website.  

Thus, Back end developers don't directly interact with clients - where their tasks are invisible to the eye of the site visitor yet it's of great importance to keep the site up and running.

Programming languages that mainly fall into this category are PHP, Ruby on Rails, and Python.

Full stack developers:

This brings us to the most exciting type of developers - Full stack developers are the intersection of the previously mentioned types of developers. They merely are the mixture of Front and Back end developers where they can handle projects with tasks of both ends.

Full stack developers need to be proficient with programming languages such as: JavaScript, PHP and Python.

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