What Makes a Work Environment Really Toxic and How To Deal With It?


Who said the word “toxic” only applies to relationships?

Unfortunately, a work environment might be toxic as well, and exactly just like a toxic relationship, you are definitely not supposed to hold on it!

How to Make Sure Your Work Environment Is Actually Toxic?
By a toxic work environment we do not mean a bad day at work, some hard tasks or a work mate you do not really like, these are annoying, we can feel you, but toxic is not the word.

We came up with six signs that can help you easily and surely identify a toxic work environment.

1. Your Boss Is a “Micromanager”
If it is your first time to hear such an expression, just keep on reading.

A manager who cares for details is definitely a blessing, but when it turns to supervising every single little detail and giving constant criticism, it gets really toxic, and this is what we call “micromanaging”.

A micromanager simply believes he/she can do everything better than you, that is why you will find them always monitoring every step to a level that can make you feel uncomfortable doing the job.

2. You Keep Questioning If You Are Good Enough
Appreciation at work is not only materialistic, being paid at the end of every month is not the only way to feel like you are doing good.

If you think you are doing constant effort and you never get praised for it, and if you always doubt yourself and what you do even if you are doing your very best, then you are probably dealing with a toxic work environment.

3. Your Emotions Are Never Taken into Consideration!
Work should definitely be taken seriously, no doubt! But at the end of the day, we are all human beings, we have our feelings, our struggles, our ups and downs.

We can all pass-through life situations that can unfortunately affect our productivity at work, and here is when a job owner should be empathetic and respect what you are going through at such a period of time.

If tasks and deadlines are being prioritized above your emotions, then something is definitely wrong -aka- toxic right here.

4. High Turnover Rate
If you already feel bothered in your place, and you notice your work mates quitting on a regular basis, so what do you think the reason might be?

A high turnover rate is of of the most obvious signs that it is not only in your own mind, it is general and it is real that your work environment is being toxic to the employees.

5. Needless to Mention… Work Life Balance!
It might sound as a cliché, since you definitely hear about the necessity of work life balance almost every day, but this is because it is really a thing!

Here is a gentle reminder that we work to obtain a better life, not to make work literally our whole life!

Find time for your friends, family, hobbies and most importantly find time for your own self, and if you could not, then your work environment is probably being toxic to you.

6. Gossips and Rumors in The Air!
Remember that one work mate you do not really like that we mentioned earlier? Just forget about him, not everyone is supposed to be your cup of tea!

The real struggle arises when people are really not being kind to each other, you find them negatively talking about each other, spreading rumors about each other and even bullying each other, whether it personally happens to you or not, it is still called nothing but toxicity!

What Comes After Identifying a Toxic Work Environment?

If you can relate to the previous signs, just take it slow, this article is actually not a call to resign in the early morning.

Here are some few tips that might help you deal with a toxic work environment.

  • Communicate Your Feelings
    As a matter of fact, some work environments are really toxic until they notice it, in many cases managers might not be even aware of how much toxicity is taking place.
    By communicating your thoughts, there a huge probability you are making all the tables turn!
  • Just Be Peaceful
    Avoid conflicts and just be nice and kind to everyone, even to the toxic ones themselves!
    Not being involved in work drama might avoid you a lot of headaches and would keep you away from too much toxicity.
  •  Look for Another Opportunity
    If all your trials to adapt to the environment or even make it a better one did not work out, then maybe it is time to start looking for a better option.

After All is Said and Done

Make your mental and emotional well-being a priority, and just believe your gut feeling, if you constantly feel that you are not in the right place, then you are not.