Watch: Bill Gates Answers To Top Job Interview Questions In 2020


When Bill Gates did his last job interview? Curry asked Gates in their mock job interview.

Undoubtedly, the NBA star Steph Curry, who is well-known for his dagger three-point shot, has received tons of questions from media, press, and even his fans throughout his success journey. Today, Curry has decided to swap roles and be the interviewer.

Last October, The Golden State Warriors star has released a new video series under the name of " State of inspiration" on his YouTube channel. The first episode was a great start with the Billionaire and the Tech Icon Bill Gates. It involves a constructive discussion on COVID-19 impacts on the economy in general- the job market isn't an exception.

The beginning of this video interview caught everyone's attention when Curry asked Bill Gates to engage in a mock job interview for Microsoft's junior engineer position. Then, Curry continued to pose some frequently asked interview questions to the Billionaire, technology giant, and philanthropist. The interview included questions like why we should hire you, your strengths and weaknesses, and your expected salary.

What exactly happened,  

In an imaginary scenario, Curry has played the role of a Microsoft recruiter. Simultaneously, the co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, was the job applicant applying for a position as a junior engineer at Microsoft in 2020.

However, in reality, Bill Gates is the second wealthiest man globally, with a total wealth of $122 billion, and Microsoft's market value is $ 1.6 trillion. He co-founded Microsoft company with Paul Allen, but he left Microsoft in March to concentrate on philanthropic work.

Find below Curry's questions and How Bill Gates answered them while sharing a few secret tips.

You are applying to work as an engineer at Microsoft. Why should we hire you?

"You should look at the code I wrote; you know I'm kind of crazy. I write software programs that go way beyond any courses I've taken, and I believe I've gotten better over time. So look at how ambitious I've been so far," said Gates. He and Paul Allen were, in fact, the co-authors of the Microsoft Basic programming language.

"I think I can work well with people," added Gates. "I could criticize your code a little bit heavily, but in general, I like being on a team. I like ambitious goals. I like to think about how we can anticipate future software. It's cool, and I want to be part of it. "

How would you define your strengths and weaknesses? and how could you use them if you had to work in a team?

"Well, I'm not someone who knows a lot about marketing, you know. I wouldn't particularly like being a salesperson," said Gates. "To be in the position where you actually create the products and think about what their functions should look like – that fascinates me," he added. "I've followed the history of the industry and read a lot about the mistakes that have been made there." In summary, he said, "You have a team that understands the customers, sales, and marketing. I will probably not be able to bring these qualities with me, but I would enjoy working with this team. "

In the current working environment, there is great uncertainty about the future in many areas. But we want to recognize the talents we have on our team and make them feel valued. What would your salary expectations be for this position?

"I hope the option package is good. I'm able to take the risk, and I think the company has a great future. So, I'd prefer to get stock options even more than cash compensation. I hear some other companies are paying a lot, but treat me fairly and emphasize the options."

By the end of the interview, Curry thanked Gates for getting through this "Fun experiment." He also assured that these answers would help young jobseekers to form an overview of how "you can come into those situations confidently [and] speak about your strengths in a way that [shows] you have a lot to learn and a lot to offer to your future company."

You can watch the interview here:
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