Want to Become a Mystery Shopper? All You Need to Know About Mystery Shopping


Is shopping a hobby you enjoy or a way to make use of your free time?

You can turn this hobby into an actual job – Generating a side income, or if you shop hard enough you can make it your main source of income.

So getting paid while hopping from one shop to another can be a new concept to some of us – And that’s Mystery Shopping.

So what is Mystery Shopping? – Who can work as a Mystery Shopper? 

Mystery Shopping is a type of research that marketing companies conduct – Ultimately to monitor and test specific premises’ performance in terms of product quality and customer service within numerous industries. 

When performing such research in the form of a regular shopper – The real goal or intention here is to test a specific company’s sales of service, the job performance of employees, and how they are complying with the regulations of the shop in an unbiased perspective.

Mystery Shopping operates in many different industries from – Retail shops, Health care, Restaurants to Banking and the list goes on. It’s most common among businesses concerned with customer service and direct interaction with clients.

Anybody with the least number of education qualifications can work as a Mystery Shopper, many companies offer mystery shopping job positions – Unlike most jobs, as a Mystery Shopper, you will get paid per shop job depending on the company that hires you and the shops where the research was carried out.

With a growing industry that’s worth $2 billion in turnover in comparison with that in 2005 where the industry’s worth was estimated to be $600 million.

Mystery shopping is nothing new at all, it has been around since....ready to hear this? – It dates back to the 1940s where it was used in banks and retail shops to give employers an audit of their employees’ performance and integrity.

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