Want to Be A Security Guard? 6 Skills You Need To Have


In Dubai, security guard jobs take a vast space from the job market due to the magnificent business corporations.  

They are the best fit for diverse people, as they're a perfect choice if you are still a student, need a part-time job, or need a side hustle.  

They also provide you the flexibility, experience, and a good salary.  

We will answer the two main questions you may be asking yourself now, which are, "Why should I be a security guard?" and "Which skills do I need to have?"  

"Why should I be a security guard?" 

1- Growing job opportunities  

Security guard careers are continuously in demand when it comes to the job market. Every organization needs a security person, and any machines or other options can never replace them. 

2- Always in shape 

Studies have shown that walking for only 30 minutes a day has various health benefits. As a security guard, you move, walk and run for your whole shift. Also, you always tend to keep your body fit through exercises. 

3- Social skills improvement  

security guards
Security guards deal with people daily, as they represent a Source of help and society's safety. People will always ask for your assistance because they genuinely trust you. That will make you improve your social and people skills. 

4- Character development  

You will face a lot of difficult situations and daily struggles that will require you to act wisely. Everything you go through builds your character quicker and more efficiently.  

Eventually, your job is not an easy task, but it turns you into a stronger person  

5- Working schedules flexibility  

Schedules flexibility helps you accomplish a life-work balance. Flexible shifts give you a great chance to spend family time and achieve your career goals simultaneously. Luckily, whether you are enjoying morning shifts or night ones, the choice is up to you. 

6- Sense of satisfaction and honor 

Offering others help and saving their lives are incredible feelings. They give you a sense of value and fulfillment. Your mere existence offers people a sense of safety and assurance. It also keeps away thieves and criminals. 

7- Constantly on call 

Every day is a new adventure for you. Your job is not boring, as you always have to be ready for any surprises. 

Working as a security guard keeps your mind and body continuously active and ready. 

If you now think that working as a security guard is the best call for you, that question is probably on your mind, "Which skills and qualities do I need to have first?" 

Keep reading to know the answer to that question. 

A security guard job requires you to have:  

1- good education and training  

security guard
Being sufficiently trained is essential for any career. Otherwise, to work as a security guard, it's a condition to be well-educated. You have to be aware of security operations and the required procedures for every single situation. 

- Your job is not a joke, as people's lives depend on you. 

2- Communication and social skills 

Your ways of communication should be effective and clear. A suitable response from your employers and teammates depends on how you deliver your message. Every emergency is different, and it needs an accurate description from you for the situation.  

Social skills go along with the quality of your communication skills. You have to be smart enough to know how to deal with every person in the best way possible. 

3- Integrity and responsibility 

Employers mainly Trust you with their companies, cars, and business. They will test you first to know if you're trustworthy or not. Try to represent yourself properly, as first impressions always last. 

- Hence, your existence should give employers and people a constant sense of safety.  

That means that it's essential to be responsible enough for every word you tell and every action you do. 

 Integrity mistakes are not commonly tolerated in your field. Please pay attention! 

4- Sound judgment and stability 

A security guard should be able to define the danger level of every situation. One false judgment can cause a crisis.  

They should recognize if it's an emergency or it can be easily handled.  

Sometimes you will need to ask for reinforcements in the case of an absolute emergency. All of that needs to get decided on and done in a short time. You also need to see through people and not be too friendly, because some might be criminals.  

5- Outstanding physical strength  

female security guard
You will go through situations that require a lot of physical strength. There may be encounters with criminals that need you to be well trained physically.  

It's necessary to keep your body in good health, so try to avoid junk food and stop exercising. Besides, being physically strong gives you a lot of high self-esteem and bravery, making you confident when it comes to emergencies.  

6- Attentiveness and immediate reactions 

Security guards have to pay attention to every single detail and action that may happen around them. You have to spot the crime before it happens and notice if there's any tiny clue to an unusual situation. 

 Criminals mostly use distractions to deprive you of concentration and confuse your reactions.  

It's essential to be intelligent enough to read what's going on around you. The quick reactions also need to be well analyzed and planned, as they have to be in the right place and time. 

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