Volunteers While Working


Do you want your FREE time to be more meaningful and valuable? Try volunteering in your community. There are thousands of opportunities for volunteers which are available for career professionals and students.

In the UAE alone, as of this writing the www.volunteers.ae listed 5,221 opportunities available from the 300+ organizations for the 300K plus volunteers, imagine yourself being one of the volunteers helping the community, the feeling must be awesome.

So what are the perks of being a Volunteers?

1. Collaborations

Bring out your ideas to your team and it improves your team building skills

2. Career Connections

Your professional connections will also increase, and this gives you edge to share your thoughts, if you are exploring career opportunities, one of your career connections might give you references.

3. Culture

The UAE alone is a country of diversity, you will learn, experience and appreciate cultures from different nations.

4. Camaraderie

You felt being alone, then give it a try and meet new friends don’t be shy this is the perfect palce for you to gain friends, I mean more friends.

5. Language

If you have passion to learn new language, then volunteering is a great avenue to improve your language skills.

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