Voiceover artist? Here’s how to start freelancing


Voice acting is one of the most enjoyable jobs that anyone could ever have. Although it requires excellent skills and practice, it’s not impossible to have it as a career. One of its main qualities is that you can easily have it as a freelance job. To be a freelance voice actor, you have to follow specific steps. Here is a summary of what you can do to have a freelance voice acting career.

1- Take online courses

There’s a variety of online voice-over courses. You could also follow tutorials on Youtube. It’s better to explore the career before getting involved in it. When you test your skills and potential first, it gives you the chance to make sure if you want this career path or not.

2- Practice on your own

Get your favorite books and read them to yourself out loud. You could also ask friends for their opinions. The more you practice, the better you get. You’ll eventually find yourself ready for everything you lay your eyes on in a voice actor performance.

3- Share your work online

Try to widen your network and share your works online. That would make other voice actors befriend you and also might get you some work. One of the essential things about voice-over is being well known and famous.

4- Build your portfolio

You’d have to do some work for free at first to build your professional portfolio. There is also some charity work out there. It would give you the chance to help others and make progress in your career at the same time.

5- Get voice acting equipment

Try to start with simple stuff that does not harm your budget a lot. The better you get, the more money you’d earn. When you collect more money, you’d develop your tools and get high-quality work.

Now you can start and join freelance job platforms to spread your work among other voice actors and clients.

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