Top 28 Freelance Jobs to Earn Money from Home


Due to the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and the precautionary measures, businesses worldwide shut down their offices and transitioned their workforce to remote jobs.

 As workers crouched down in their newly-thrown-together home offices, one thing we could learn from COVID-19 is how remote work can be practical on a wide scale. TIME magazine has also called this "the largest work from home experiment in the world."

Nowadays, millions of businesses worldwide are searching for freelancers who can complete their various jobs and projects. If you have the required skills, you can work with those businesses on a full-time or part-time basis and earn extra money.

As a result, whether you enjoy your current job or dream of quitting, most of us think about getting a freelance job on the side. And the first logical question we're asking, what can I do?

If you want to achieve success in the future with real skills that pay, check out these Top 28 Freelance Jobs to Earn Money from Home for 2020 and beyond:

Writing and Editing Freelance Jobs

There are plenty of chances to make money from home (your comfort zone) in freelance writing jobs, whether you are an incredible wordsmith or an exceptional editor. These jobs range from scientific to artistic, and beginner-friendly to expertise- Let's dive into Most-in-demand freelance writing and editing jobs.

  • Copywriter
At the top of the list is freelance copywriting jobs where you can stretch your writing talents, distinguish yourself by being a specialist on what you are interested in, and learn new things continuously. Think about how much projects you can share in: the landing page of every company, details of every product offered, creating text for advertisements or captions for social media posts, descriptions for online shopping websites, you will be a part of it, and you will get paid for it.

  • Blogger
Blogging from home can be an excellent work. It may really rake in a substantial return over time with some dedication and patience. It's an inevitable source for lucrative income. To have a successful blogging career, you should find sponsors or advertisers for your own brand. You can also name yourself an "influencer," and you'll be invited to attend events and be a public speaker if you really succeeded in proving it.

Another type of blogging is writing for other companies' blogs and get paid per hour or per post.

  • Ghostwriter
Many companies nowadays are looking for someone who can translate their brand into powerful messages. You won't get your name added to your work when ghostwriting (although you can typically still use it in your portfolio), but you will get to take on the role of whom you're writing to share their view. This one can be pretty good as far as work from home working goes, and it is all but guaranteed to be a remote freelance job still.

Other Freelance writer job opportunities are freelance journalist, reviews writer, and greeting cards writer.

  • Editing and Proofreading
This is the perfect freelance choice for you if the missed apostrophes drive you nuts, and the grammatical errors make you unable to understand what you are reading. Get paid to make all the world's spelling mistakes vanish!

This needs a grammar lover to find typos quickly. Although a relevant degree helps, building a portfolio can help you brand yourself. To get started, try the big work boards for some simple editing or proofreading gigs.

What can you edit? Academic essays, College admission essays, content for websites, books, curriculum, articles, and other published written works.

  • Logo Designer
How many times you saw a brand logo and said, I could come with a better logo than that one?

Do you know that you can get paid for your creativity?

Many entrepreneurs and business owners are searching for creative freelancers with the logo designing process. They need someone who comes up with an innovative, unique idea, or they have the idea, but they need someone to develop the perfect design to capture the customers' attention. will be a great place to get your first client.

Creative Freelance Jobs

Top 28 Freelance Jobs to Earn Money from Home
There are many freelance opportunities to utilize your creative skills: designing, handmade crafts, photography, etc.

  • UX/ UI Designer
If you are creative and technically minded with experience in UX designing, this will be an excellent opportunity for you to work with the freedom to choose where to work and whom to work with. You'll help clients create better, more accessible, and more useful, and more user-friendly products. Craft your portfolio with the latest achievements and sharpen your resume, as web designing jobs are more competitive.

  • Graphic Designer
With the latest online transformation, many online groups and startups need a designer to create content. Huge companies also sometimes need a freelance designer to accomplish more tasks. With your design background, you can work on web pages, printed materials, charts, etc. while being at home.

For getting a good opportunity, you should have a relevant academic degree and experience using software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

  • Illustrator
For projects such as books, magazines, cards, advertisements, banners, murals, and online graphics, create photos. Less advanced than graphic design, the illustration also helps the user to focus on enjoyable tasks, such as children's storybooks!

  • Photographer
Being a photographer doesn't mean that you always need to leave the house. How can you earn money as a photographer at home?

You can take creative product photoshoots, food shoots, or if you have an in-house studio, you can take portraits and provide editing and retouching for clients. Wedding and graduation parties will help you also make a lot of money. 

So, create your catchy professional portfolio while sitting on the sofa in your home.

Other creative freelance jobs include,

Selling Crafts: Work at home jobs doesn't have to mean staring at your computer all the time; instead, try to work in front of your knitting needles.

T-shirts Designer: This is one of the most challenging freelance jobs because it's not only about talent, but also it's about making the wearer feel happy wearing something that conveys something about himself to the world.

Developing and Coding Freelance Jobs

Within our digital era, the Internet became one of the life essentials. It's as essential as eating, breathing. You can seize your opportunity among developers and coders and work on a site to bring codes that come to life. You'll get the best of the two worlds; freelancing and lucrative high-in-demand career.

  • App/ Web Developer
If you have the skills of web/app development, it's a great opportunity to find a freelance job with a top company. Just craft your portfolio and start searching for the suitable projects that match your skills on

What if you're a fresh graduate searching for your first client? Take online courses, develop your skills, and work with a startup company to gain experience and increase your income. It's a win-win.

  • Programmer
As long as you have a desktop computer and the Internet, you can write computer software and code anywhere, so why not do it from home? The growth of tech firms means that a lot of work is possible, and small businesses and individuals often look forward to developing their websites. For professionals in software development, there's no lack of jobs.

Audio and Video Freelance Jobs

  • Youtuber
These days, the demand for YouTube channels is very high, which means that people are searching for more and more advanced content. If you have a particular range of expertise or experience, you can make some money from commercials. Still, big money comes from sponsorships, so concentrate on delivering value and increasing your subscription list. Other ways to make content are creating video content and starting a podcast.

  • Video Editor
It's a perfect freelance job that needs only knowing how to edit a video and understand how to use video editing software. People who record videos are looking for freelance video editors to save time to record more videos and hire someone specialized to make professional edits.

  • Online Tutor
It can be satisfying and enjoyable to educate people, but when you have to be in person, in a classroom, it's a little restricted. Search for something you are expert in and record videos to master it, and people all over the world will pay to watch you. This makes the list of awesome freelance jobs. Know how to utilize and advertise your skills.

  • Voiceover Acting
If you have a simple, unaccented, and easy-to-understand voice, you have the ideal voice acting skills. For all types of tasks, from converting an eBook into an audiobook or educational film, voiceover specialists can find opportunities in movie trailers, commercials, video games, and animation videos. If that sounds interesting, this might be the ideal freelance work for you.

Marketing, Virtual Assistance, and Sales Freelance Jobs

  • Social Media Manager
Managing social media accounts is a fantastic freelance career where you'll be responsible for gaining followers, bringing the company's message and voice through, and engaging in a customer-service-type role on social media platforms. It doesn't depend on any academic certificate; all you need is social media management skills like strategy planning, community management, and community mindset.

  • Virtual Assistant
Within the virtual world we live in nowadays, being a virtual assistant for a businessman, for example, is an easy job with a good salary. You'll be responsible for answering phone calls, replying to email messages, scheduling appointments, and data entry tasks.

  • SEO Specialist
Optimization of search engines is the fuel of any online website. Optimizing a search engine blog can make or break a business, since these days, everybody uses the Internet to find just about anything. There is a high need for SEO specialists to help organizations manage these new trends, so polish your SEO skills (especially in learning how to write a headline that will rank high in organic search) and start getting yourself out there.

  • Customer Service Representative
Although there's a new chatbots approaches, businesses need human customer service representatives to increase their customers' satisfaction. Still, they also don't need an office full of employees- it's your opportunity then! Find a perfect contract as a freelance customer service representative and kick start a career.

If you're coordinated and desire to keep people and their projects on board, this might be the ideal chance for you. You could have more luck reaching out to small companies or businesses in a vast development mode and could use your assistance.

  • Data Entry
All you need to find a data entry freelance job is patience and quick typing—no need for a lot of skills. Your responsibility is transferring some data into a document as per the requirements of the client. It's a great way to gain experience in other administrative work.

Professional Services Freelance Jobs

  • Translator
If you know multiple languages, you're in high demand. Since the world became a small village, you can find hundreds of translation jobs from home in different industries with a profitable salary. A translator can work on books, articles, legal documents, instructions, curriculum, movie scripts, and he can be an interpreter who attends meetings and conferences.

  • Transcriber
Transcribers listen aloud to something is spoken and write it down in a document. This could be a speech, a webinar, a video conference, or something else in written form that does not yet exist. This type of job needs to be a good listener and is generally paid hourly.

It's an entry-level freelance job that needs only having ears and typing skills.

Other professional services where you can gain from your skills are, for example, online coach, online college counselor, accounting and bookkeeping, tax preparation, online notary, online personal trainer.

Coaching and Advising Freelance Jobs

  • Consultant on Naming and Branding
Companies also need guidance to name and brand for their new products. This could be a perfect freelance work for you if you are creative and have writing talent.

  • Curriculum Developer
If you have a background in teaching, there is a great deal of scope for writing and designing curriculum material. From grade schools to advanced degree programs, demands differ.

  • Nutrition Consultant
Become a diet expert if you are serious about making people eat better. Before beginning, you will have to have some schooling and experience.

You can get to work with people one-on-one and practically help them improve their lives through weight loss, treatment of diseases, or avoiding diseases through the food they eat. On the phone or via video chat, you can hold sessions.

Freelance Jobs That Meet Your Inner Entrepreneur

  • Launch up a Startup or Start an E-commerce Business
What business have you dreamed about? You can make your dream come true by studying the idea, doing research, validating your vision, and contacting people who can make it happen. It will take a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, but it deserves.

Flipping Freelance Jobs

Flipping is buying and selling. If you are a risk-taking person, start buying things and reselling them. It may be a difficulty at the beginning to make gains, but after that, it bears its fruits.

  • Online Seller
Everything you can sell: books, clothes, glasses, kids' toys, ready-made food, and even the used items. It's human nature to be a bit of a hoarder, to hang on to stuff that we think we're going to need, something we think we're going to enjoy, or something we can't help throwing away. So, why to miss a golden opportunity to win money while sitting on your couch at home?

Research to find the most in-demand stuff and define your target buyer, then consider freelance selling because it's worthy.

Selling is not only for things. It also becomes digital; you can purchase and sell domain names and websites.

Stay tuned for Drjobs' new freelance services as you'll find thousands of freelance opportunities and full-time job postings on one platform.

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