Top 10 Soft Skills Recruiters Look For In Every Resume


Most job seekers believe that having the required college certificate and years of experience qualify them to be the best candidates. Still, these hard skills are essential only to impress the ATS system and shine on your Resume to get the job interview. So, what will ultimately get you hired? It's your soft skills.

While there are specific skills that define success in each industry, there are some common skills that ensure excellence in any position you would have.

Before we plunge into exploring the top soft skills companies are looking for, let's clarify the central question: "What are soft skills?"

According to Wikipedia, Soft skills are a combination of people skills, social skills, communication skills, character or personality traits, attitudes, and career attributes that enable people to navigate their environment, work well with others, perform well, and achieve their goals with complementing hard skills. In this respect, one can understand why soft skills are the most important in the workplace.

Below are the top 10 Soft Skills Recruiters Look for in Every Resume, and you need to master your career life.


Professionalism is a broad skill that goes beyond dressing professionally and holding a bachelor's degree… it's hard to teach. Professionalism is determined through your daily dealings in the workplace, how much you are organized, dedicated, and conscientious. Also, the term professionalism triggers many characteristics, including appearance, work ethics, organizational skills, reliability, accountability, time management, and competency.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a broad skill that triggers many areas related to professional relationships, interpersonal communications, and self-motivation. Emotionally intelligent candidates are skilled in identifying, using, understanding, and regulating emotions. Hence, EI in the workplace includes skills like listening skills, positive attitude, self-awareness, motivation, communication skills, social skills, and taking critique professionally. EI proves its functionality in innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership. So, being emotionally intelligent is essential all the time.

Constant Learning

With the latest sudden quick transformations, dozens of information, data, and daily changes, employees who are aware of the latest trends and information will be in the head of the game. Don't rest on the skills you have, keep learning, even if only during your daily 15 minutes commuting, try learning a new language, refresh your C++, or learn Coding. Besides, if you can teach or train, you'll be the exceptional candidate companies looking for.

Leadership Skills

Businesses tend to hire leaders who can help in achieving the company's goals, inspire people, and interact positively with team members. So, whether you are starting your career looking for an entry-level position or you're an employee seeking a promotion, leadership skills will put you on the top among other applicants.

Great leaders have several characteristics that make them diamonds, such as motivation, delegation, positivity, creativity, responsibility, conflict management, trustworthiness, result orientation, commitment, and self-awareness.

Adaptability skills

Due to the latest continually changing workforce, being adaptable is essential for almost everything. Be flexible, expand your mind, and explore beyond your comfort zone- comfort zones will hold you back. Moreover, learn how to do things outside your job description scope. You should know how to lend a hand when needed, adapt as the industry changes, and work on developing new skills. This will show how much you are adaptable to changes, and you'll be invaluable.

Communication Skills

You may fulfill all the skills required for the position, but you can't communicate them. If you can't express your strengths clearly and effectively, you may lose many golden opportunities that you perfectly fit. Show how you're on top of recruiters' game through brushing up your email, phone, and in-person communications to show them that you can clearly and professionally express yourself via all different channels.

Social Media Skills

Businesses today are hiring talented specialists to work on their social media accounts due to the latest trends towards maintaining a strong online presence since people spend most of their days on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Hence, if you have experience in this field, even as a beginner, companies will realize that you are up to date with the latest technologies, and you can boost their brand online. Moreover, Social Media Skills include many other skills like analytical skills, time management, project management, flexibility, and efficiency. Mention these skills in your Resume to show how you can expand the company presence on the internet in some way.

Virtual World Building Skills

World Building skill is a writing skill that includes the ability to construct an imaginary world that often involves people, maps, and backstory. Due to discovering more and more Virtual reality every day, having skills to create, manage, and manipulate virtual worlds makes you a golden asset for recruiters. Also, Storytelling is a crucial skill to make the virtual world believable.


Today, companies need innovative thinkers to boost their leadership. So, it will not be a surprise to know that in a research conducted by LinkedIn, they found that " Creativity and Innovation" are the top skills required by employers in their job listings posted in 2019-2020.

Since thinking out-of-the-box is essential for any business, job seekers have to develop their creative thinking skills.

" A company in which anyone is afraid to speak up, to differ, to be daring and original, is closing the coffin door on itself," Leo Burnett.


Showing enthusiasm for the job, the company, and all life is a great bonus since no one likes automaton. When you're passionate about what you are doing, you'll maintain productivity that leads to success. Show up how much energy and positivity you'll bring to the company, and let your passion guide you. "Passion is the difference between having a job or having a career."

How to mention these Top 10 Soft Skills Recruiters Look for in Your Resume?

  • Before mentioning them, Think! Do you have these skills? How many skills do you master? And which other skills you should seriously think to possess?
  • Then, read the job description carefully and select 4-5 professional skills that are essential for the job, and you also possess.
  • Once selecting specific skills, you can mention them, depending on your cv template, under " Skills" or " Strengths" sections.
  • Don't forget to point up these skills in your cover letter before sending your application.

Do you have these soft skills? It's your job to find, develop, and invent the skills that you see in-demand to be a successful worker. Be proactive and learn the skills that you need to excel. These skills have a bigger payoff, which deserves spending more effort and time on auditing & improving them. You have to not only highlight these skills in your Resume but also show them through your interactions to represent how you can bring a different approach and lead the business to the future.

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