Tips to Make The Most Out of Your Lunch Break at Work


They say disconnect to reconnect. It is a profound sentence when it comes to long hours of mental work in the office. Maybe even long hours on the site, where you have long hours of physical challenges, going all around making sure things are harmonizing under your watch.  

Having a 30 minute to an hour lunch break is crucial depending on how you use it. You can either use it to overthink your life decisions while unconsciously swallowing your lunch, or you can take the advantage to refresh your brain and be ready to get back to work.  

I have asked, searched, and even experienced the following tips to help you get the most of your lunch break and be ready to disconnect to reconnect.  

  • Reading - I recommend reading books either while eating or after if you have any time left for your afternoon coffee/tea. It is known that books take you out on a journey, leaving behind your life for several minutes. It lowers your stress levels as it swallows you into the book’s world, thinking and living the character’s adventures and travels.

  • Learning something new - One of my friends used to have a 45-minute lunch break where she used to eat her lunch in the first 15 - 20 minutes, and then start learning sign language in the remaining 25 minutes. She said it was so productive that her brain was keen and alert for the rest of the day.

  • Solving Puzzles - You might think that it is a mental pressure after spending hours and hours working, but what if we compare that to lost minutes that you spend on scrolling through superficial social media accounts and comments. Puzzles can make you alert and competitive which will work in your favor.
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