Tips to get hired in Drjobs freelance projects


A freelancer’s life just revolves around projects and leads. There are some websites that understand the agony of freelancers. is one such website that provides a platform for freelancers to connect with project owners.  
If you are new to freelancing or to, here are the tips that will get you going! 


  • Read the project requirements carefully - To create a proposal, one needs to under the requirements clearly and for that one needs to read the project carefully. Always read the requirements of the projects clearly before committing or making a plan. 
  • Feature your offer - For project owners to know about you, create jigs or social posts to showcase your services and what you exactly offer. 
  • Showcase your skills - Flaunting skills won’t harm, so don’t shy away from letting the people know about what all you know. 
  • Highlight your biggest achievements - Like you highlight your achievements on your CV to grab a job. Similarly, highlight your achievements to grab projects. 
    Set a reasonable price - You exactly know at what price your services come. So, don’t shy while quoting the price. 
    Communicate professionally - Being professional while communicating is as important as while working. A well-written pitch or a charming conversation could lead to brownie points. 
    Compare projects - Compare projects before picking. Do a thorough research so that you know high and low points of picking a specific project. 
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