The 10 most in-demand jobs in the UAE during COVID-19


Although the Coronavirus has a negative global impact on employment with about 2.7 billion workers out of their jobs and an estimated 1.25 billion workers of the global workforce who are facing a high risk of the workforce displacement, some industries witnessed a high-demand for employees with organizations hiring continuously.  

While the economic disorders resulted from the spread of Coronavirus have been observed across different industries within the UAE, during the latest few months, the following roles are the most in-demand with thousands of job opportunities opening up so you can apply for one of them. 

The 10 most in-demand jobs in the UAE during COVID-19

1. IT Experts

Due to the latest application of " Work from home" and " Remote work" systems, there is a surge in the technological opportunities for high-end technology professionals to help companies through their digital transformation as almost every company seeks to maintain their online presence. Roles like IT administrators, software developers, software engineers, project managers, and application specialists became in high-demand. 

2. Cleaning Services

    Demand for essential services like moving, plumbingmaintenance, pest control, and home cleaning became high during this crisis because all people #Stayhome to maintain #socialdistancing. With repeated calls for regular sanitizing, "deep cleaning, disinfection, and sanitization services across homes and offices have surged in demand," Bana Shomali, founder of, said.  

3. Financial Services

With the current restrictions on the cash flow, companies are hiring credit controllers and financial experts to manage the finances, financial planning, and analysis for dynamic decision making. 

There is a high demand for employees with experience in investment analysis, finance consulting, and sales professionals across the banking finance industry in the UAE. 

4. Healthcare Providers

   The current situation has risen the demand for healthcare providers not only in the Gulf but in the whole world. Hospitals and clinics are in a constant search for emergency doctors, nurses, consultants, and other health professionals to face this crisis.  

In this context, the Drjobs team extends its utmost thanks and gratitude to the "White Army" that fights against this deadly global pandemic to save the lives of millions.  

5. Nurses

  Another job that has witnessed a surge in opportunities during the age of Covid-19 is "Nursing." There is a high demand for highly qualified nurses in all private and governmental healthcare centers. In hospitals, clinics, homes, offices, or telecheck, you can find an opportunity.  

With your license, you can work anywhere that requires a nurse to administer medication to patients, assist doctors, make medical tests, and more. Registered nurses, physician assistants, and Nurse practitioners are all suitable roles for you.  

6. Stay-at-home Moms

 Amid every crisis lies a great opportunity. It's you turn now to do your best to get a job and achieve that ideal work-mom balance at home. It's " work from home" time, so you'll be accepted if you're qualified. Sharpen your CV and apply for jobs that match your skills. Stay at home mums are good candidates when they are adequate because the employer will cost less. 

7. E-commerce and Delivery Services 

With the global lockdown, all retailers shifted to be E-retailers, and all consumers moved to be online shoppers. So, professionals with experience in retailsales, and promotions, and people with UAE driving license can efficiently work with fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and food-based businesses. Home delivery drivers/riders and forklift operators, online sales representatives, are all available jobs.  

8. Teaching, Education, and Training

    The education job market is booming nowadays, since all governments stick to the online learning system. Schools are hiring many teachers to meet demand.  

Staying at home also encourages people to take more courses, enroll in more online classes in different specialties, so training centers tend to hire more instructors and training specialists to help people achieve their learning goals.  

9. Digital Marketing Specialists

Nowadays, all businesses tend to adopt new strategies to face new business challenges, reach customers, and create new revenue channels. So, hiring digital marketing specialists has developed nowadays with the global trend towards social media platforms and internet websites. Content writers, SEO specialists, and social media managers are among the popular job titles required today. 

10. Telecommunication Specialists

    With the canceled domestic and international business travels, lockdown, remote work systems, there is a high demand for telecommunication specialists to link companies, businesses with clients, workmates, etc. As a result, you can easily find jobs like telecom analysts, marketing specialists, telesales, etc.  

Agility and resilience are reshaping the upcoming job market and hiring process within and after the age of COVID-19. We encourage you to adopt a more strategic approach to your career profile, develop new skills, learn new things, and make the best of this time to easily move into a sector that is hiring with your qualifications

We read every day social media stories and posts about people who lost their jobs or being unpaid. So, we tried to collect the most in-demand jobs in the UAE during the Covid-19 times to help you figure out the job market requirements and optimize your skills to get your right career. 

Drjobs wishes your new job brings you the highest promotions and endless success!  

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